Good Bye Videos from True Blood and Bill Compton

Get out your tissues fans because these two videos below just released by True Blood are going to make you at the very least, shed a tear.

The cast and crew say goodbye after seven seasons in this behind-the-scenes featurette.


In a very poignant video below titled, “Jessica’s Blog – A Father’s Love” just uploaded by HBO, Bill Compton leaves a beautiful message to his progeny, Jessica.


Watch the video below:

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  1. The Hep V could have killed him…… But you just has to go and let Sookie do it??!!? Not cool..
    Sad in Louisiana

  2. I don’t get why people are so mad. The show went where it had to go. She didn’t wind up w/ either, cuz it wouldn’t really have been true to herself. I was happy they didn’t do the obvious…putting her back w/ Bill. I was afraid since they are really married, they would punk out & do that, which would have been a lazy, quick fix.

  3. The only way they can make it up to me is come up with a movie where the guy she was hugging with a beard is actually Bill years later, human, with a beard.

  4. yes bill finally gone. I cried like a baby too. The whole ending the finale the best part for me was Pam and Eric

  5. I was up and down with this season. Hated that they killed off most of Sookie’s True, Alcide and Bill.

  6. I too was disappointed with the finally. But all I have to say was…WHO CARES how it ended all that matters is stephen and anna r together in really life and sometimes reality is soooo much better then fiction ; )

  7. Well I just got done watching the last episode of true blood and I hated it!!!! Even though I basically knew Bill was going to die. I was hoping I was wrong. Then as to add salt to my wounds they show Sookie with someone else but don’t show his face. Makes me wonder if (even though there was probably no way it could happen) the reason they didn’t show him was cause somehow it was Bill.

  8. Why was it such a bad and disappointing ending. I dont understand, I put so much time into this great thing, and it kept me so excited the whole time, then the grand finale flopped. That’s the sad part. So much wasted time for something like built up so great to end like that. Ugh!!! Life is disappointing enough with the way the world is. So much for a happy ending. So unresolved even and so sloopy. Very sloppy. We made this our lives for so long, begging for the next season, boosting your ratings, and in the end most of the comments I see are pure dissatisfaction. Almost as bad as Dexter becoming a lumberjack… Really you guys.. Why did u bother with an ending like that?

  9. Why dose it have to end the show has great actors and how it was left off you could keep it going you have the fans and rateings new show ( new blood ) huh, why not fans dont want it to end

  10. I totally agree, I was so mad when Bill died…..And because of it a flat refuse to buy any of the series….so that the only way they could save face with me as far as i am concerned

  11. I didn’t mean to be unfaithful to the show i’v love for years but when I sow it was going down hill I started watching FX’s the Strain.

  12. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!! she marries some nameless,faceless guy and gets pregnant???? soooooo lame!!!!! if they were planning to kill Bill all along and she wasn’t meant to be with Eric either,they should have just brought Sam back without Nicole and put them together like the last book. the ending made me feel like i just wasted the last seven years on the whole show!!!!!!

  13. BTW…..not that I ACTUALLY think they will see this or my FB post but…..I challenged Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, & Alexander Skarsgard with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!!!
    I figured with, worth a shot to try to reach out to them!!!! My video is on my FB page.

  14. osea la vida de ana y su esposo es aparte, y me alegra que esten juntos, pero la serie tenia que haber estado mejor, un buen final, que ella hubiera quedado con alguien conocido de sus amistades no con un desconocido que al final de cuentas no le sacaron la cara

  15. entonces para que matar alcide , si de antemano sabian que bill no iba quedar con sookie , lo que no me gusto es que fuera mujer de otro x

  16. si bill moria , me hubiera gustado que no mataran alcide, aunque pues no hubieran matado a bill, fue injusta la serie

  17. Yeah 4 years later!!!!! did you even pay attention to the words on yours screen…It doesnt show how long she grieved….but did you notice that Jason has 3 kids and one on the way???? the party was for Thanksgiving!

  18. Yes i paid attention you halfwit… i said i was disappointed it didn’t SHOW her grieve…
    and i said when we NEXT see her she is having a happy party… I am fully aware of the timeline.

  19. I hope and think there will be another they did leave it open for another series if the wanted and it could be “New Blood” which would be so awesome! Plezzzzzz

  20. I have been a loyal fan for 6 seasons. I was so let down by this finale and ending. It was so horrible and badly written. It was like everyone was so tired of it all and just shook it up in a bag and dump it out. I wish I hasn’t wasted all that time on this show.

  21. true but i knew they weren’t going to. i keep forgetting Sam is a shifter and it reminds me that i figured they planned for her to end up with a human all along,but i was positive when she started hearing Bill and Jess said he was warm that other fans were right and he was going to turn human.

  22. And by the way did you see at the dinner party how happy everyone was? And Pam an Eric were fine hey people what kind of ending were you expecting?

  23. So sad. I’ll totally miss it and I’ll never forget meeting you all and hanging out. It was also the Best Lunch Ever!!!!

  24. sookies man looked like alcide from the back,,dont know if thats what they want us to think,but he was killed off earlier in the season

  25. Stephen are you going retire from acting for a wile an do the family thing or will the acting bug hit you and will you think about movies ? I’ve seen anna in movies and Alex in movies too and some others or maybe directing whats next for you ?

  26. The hep-v was meant for vamps to turn human only to die the same way as the are as vampires… has anyone watched these series hahaha U0001f605U0001f61d

  27. To be honest, I think that we were expecting so much more… It’s ended now.. I think the fans in general just expected a bigger larger finale…

  28. I thought it was great! What is wrong with having a sentimental ending? So many shows these days have these huge dramatic endings. The point was they wanted to have normal peaceful lives again.. and they got it finally..happy for all of Bon Tomps.

  29. This was about as good as the sopranos ending. All this crap they messed with the story. Then end it like this? Crap, so upsetting U0001f622

  30. I realise I posted pics of stephen and anna’s kides and my comments were deleted. I would just like to apologies. I wasn’t thinking, I though it was a beautiful pitch I’m so sorry I wish someone would have told me that was an inappropriate photo…sorry agen.

  31. I have loved True Blood since the beginning, and as many people that are upset with the last episode, I am in love with it. I do wish I knew who Sookie ended up with, but there was closer. It had a lot of feeling to it, everyone coming together and at piece. Bill giving the ultimate sacrifice and doing it with Sookie. I cried thru the whole episode. I will truly miss True Blood. I feel like you all are part of my family just watching every year. Thanks for a great series.

  32. It was a very corny ending like the writers just gave up. I’m going to hunt down the original novels to find out if the show followed the books at all. Maybe it will give some insight on why the writers ended the show the way they had.

  33. Maybe you shouldn’t have made it your life. It’s a tv show and this is how they decided to end it. Period.

  34. Kelly Bien (Ditto)! The first show was what made the show soooo special (Sookie) fairy, with (Vampire Bill), any other ending is just unacceptable and very disappointing, it’s as if they don’t need us to like the show anymore so let’s just destroy the best part of it. Then to make it even more disappointing they FRIKIN let Sookie kill Bill, (Guess they were never really that in love), what a huge BLOW

  35. She makes a good point dude. No use calling her a bad name. Did that make you feel better to say that or something. You shared your opinion can’t someone else?

  36. Hollie, I agree, my thoughts exactly. Why make such an amazing show and destroy the best part of it. Really sucks!!!!!!

  37. What’s so bad about that? Not being rude – just wondering. I know everyone is disappointed but she and bill decided together..

  38. i wanted to see her at least end up with a character we fans knew,that is my disappointment,not just some nameless,faceless guy

  39. You can’t please everyone but i enjoyed the season final finale. It lets the viewers c what the future holds 4 the rest of the cast. I really hated that Bill died but that was a choice that the writers decided 2 end it. Im pleased.

  40. I stated my observation… I was questioned on that in a very BELITTLING manner… it was rude. I returned with a belittling and rude answer to that.
    I was happy to do so

  41. Actually I dont even watch tv and someone got me involved. Its the first show I watched in years. If they expect me to watch something, wasting precious time out of my life, then I feel they could have done better, cause it was really bad. Maybe you should look around and see that I’m not the only one saying this and carry on thank you. Who are you to say anything to me anyways? Did you write the show? No? Oh be gone then insignificant person on the internet. I believe my comment was directed at the writes, directors, cast, and crew. You could have kept scrolling. Did you respond to every bad review or just mine? Go away. Period.

  42. Pourquoi donner une triste avec bill …alors que toute les series etait superbe . c est gacher le plaisir que nous avons eu pour toute les series .de voir bille disparaitre pfffffff sniffffff

  43. My comment was happily made right back to her as well, I believe this is a post asking everyone’s opinion. Anyhow, I’m looking forward still to seeing the spin off Steven and his wife have in store for us which have been in the works for awhile and I’m not sure, but I believe that HBO already has rights to. I’m hoping it will make up for tge crappy ending of True Blood.

  44. It was what bill wanted. And sookie lives a normal life like she deserves!!! I’m sure Eric will be keeping a close eye on her. Endings are endings and you can only carry out an ending so far. RIP “true blood”

  45. Hated the ending, but it made sense. Parting is such a bittersweet sorrow.
    In the book, Sookie settles down with Sam.

  46. Don’t want this show to end U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625U0001f625

  47. To leave us with Sookie pregnant to some unknown guy was so disappointing :-(
    Could of paired her with Quinn from the books at least if it wasn’t going to be Sam like in the final book.
    After 7 years of watching every episode religiously I feel like this entire season was just a big let down…
    And the finale especially :(

  48. It’s how it happened and actually that guy is about the same height as alcide.. Really doesn’t matter but I’m sure they did that so they didn’t have to explain who and where she met him

  49. I’m ganna miss the show. Thanks for the 7 yrs trueblood cast cuz u all did awesome no matter what other people say.

  50. that is another reason it bothered me,i would have rather known the history between her and who she ended up with. she was the main character and they gave us a stranger. sorry but it just disappointed me. this is the 2nd time too because the end of the books disappointed me too

  51. her husband. she got what bill wanted her to have. she got married and started a family,when they hugged at the end you can see she is wearing a wedding ring

  52. Get off ur soap box people what the hell could they have done? At least they ended it good no cliffhanger. Shut ur trap cuz all u stupid people who are putting bad comments should just shut there noise hole. I don’t see you coming up with a good ending so just put all ur trash back in ur mouth. Leave it alone. My gosh at least u got a good ending. I would rather see that then a BIG cliffhanger. When you all come up with an million dollar tv show then ur put ur crap out here till then……SHUT THE HELL UP

  53. how did everyone seem to miss the fact Sookie was married and having a baby with her Husband.several people here in the comments are asking who the babies dad was. DUH PEOPLE!!!!! she got the future Bill always wanted her to have a husband and a family!!!!!! she is wearing a ring when they hug

  54. For once I thought a finale was great! I was Team Eric more than Team Bill, but, watching that last scene was hard even for me. Well done, y’all. Well done!

  55. we can wish, I kind of though that too, but i think they would have showed him…I was kind of waiting for bill to be at the front of the table not some random guy that looked like him argh

  56. the books follow the show slightly til about the fourth one then it changes dramatically….i found it hard to focus on the books because they are just about sookie and tend to get boring after a while. =)

  57. I was sarisified with the end. I thought Eric and Pam should have been at the table but their off promoting New Blood. And I think in my opinion that maybe there may be a new series in the making. New Blood, or maybe its just my wishful thinking. As for all unanswered questions well that’s for us as viewers to work out for ourselves. Thank you True Blood for all the good and bad moments……

  58. It seems like to me that the producers/Hollywood/ who the hell ever are more interested in shocking people with the ending of shows rather than staying true to the show/ fans of the show. I realize giving all the fans an ending that is happy is not possible, BUT deciding to make 99% of them unhappy is the easy way out if u ask me.

  59. Well sometimes in life you don’t end up with the person you thought you were meant to be with for many years. As much as I love Bill he wasn’t who she was destined to have a life with. He wanted her to have a normal life and that never would have happened with Bill…human or vampire. And he wanted to die with his family.

  60. These videos are sad……..I think people are made bc/ it was a great show and they are leaving on a high note….why cancel it when they have the following?

  61. Bill dialogue as Jessica father made me cry but the other didn’t. I truly thought from a realistic stand point the choice Bill made showed true love for Sookie wanting the best for someone even if it is not you is true love……

  62. The series started so good and has been gradually getting worse and worse…Less and less resemblance to the books and some of the dumbest story lines ever. At least Pam was good to the end. Crappy…stupid ending. Especially Sookie killing Bill. Writers should be ashamed.

  63. I like the ending . I hate that the show has ended. But all good things must come to an end . Love u always true blood

  64. Those last scenes were very disappointing. Yeah, so Sookie had a normal life-but WHO was the bearded guy?

  65. All the actors and actress are Great ..Pam and Eric are wonderful ….just wait for other proyects …congrats Mr . Moyer …hugs from Puerto Rico !!!U0001f60aU0001f60a

  66. Just the worst season EVER… some random dude gets sookie pregnant? , why did you have go out like that TB … Sooo Disappointing…. :(

  67. I agree I was a little bummed that Sookie’s man was faceless too. I was sad to see the show end (sniffle…tears…). **Kelly I have never read the books so, I can only imagine your disappointment in last nights finale.

  68. The ending could of been with Sookie marrying someone from town, just like all the rest of them did. It could of been someone that she had ran into a couple of time through out the whole beginning to end. Not everything has a perfect ending, but then again who and what does… Eric and Pam trip me out… Them 2 are like the dynamic duos….

  69. I was hopeful, right up until the credits. I thought that somehow, he would rejuvenate because of Billith and Fae blood, etc. And was even thinking it was going to be Bill at the head of the table too, now human so that they could live a “life” as he described and he would die in 40 years or so. Maybe that would have been cheating, but what the hell have they been leading up to then, with him feeling warm and Sookie reading his thoughts? I was happy they tied every thing else up, though they should have done a 2 hour finale. Plus, I wish Sookie didn’t kill Bill, but I guess that definitely left no open door for those of us that wanted them together. Still digesting it all. I think I’ll just go watch seaesons 1&2 again, before they broke up and other supes came to the party!

  70. The ending may have went in keeping of the Charlene Harris book in a in general way because the character of bill actually dies in the book and Eric lives on… now i’m wondering for the curiosity of it all were there any director’s cuts or alternate endings and outtakes and even bloopers because there sometimes are..there are also versions of the title song.

  71. Dumbest ending ever I wanted to die like really drop dead In spot I wish they’d come back and kinda rewind from the end and start with a better ending that would be great

  72. Awful ending. Hated it. They were probably influenced by Game of Thrones character killings. This show has always been more soapy and campy and it’s supposed to be FUN. What happened?!

  73. The complete worst way to end . How can TB go from the #1 thing in my life to totally breaking my heart and spirit? The writer of this final episode has broken me. You have told me that there is no happily ever after.  No dreams to come true.  Nothing to fight for or get up every day and keep going for.  You need a lesson in writing and in life.  You cannot  create hope and then just kill it! What do we have in the world with no hope? BILL COMPTON was my hope, that life can be good, that there can be a happily ever after. The love that BILL has for SOOKIE deserves to live(for all of us). It is part of every human alive to want that for themselves. And you are telling me we can’t have this that no matter how much they loved one another life is just going to crap on us all and we just have to accept what it gives us and be happy with it.  Well I do not accept this.To the WRITER:  You are NOOOOOO WRITER.  TO HBO:  I will never pay you another $. 
    To BILL COMPTON:  You will FOREVER live

  74. I was happy that I got to enjoy and see all the series . I enjoy every bit and I hate that the series ended , I wish there was more true blood lol. I agree with the fans I wish bill never died and married sooki or bill dead and married Eric

  75. I understand this is just a TV show…but that ending was so stupid! I feel like the writers just gave up, this whole season was all over the place…feel like most of it was just time fillers to reach the crappy end!

  76. I was disappointed but nothing was as bad as season finally of LOST. At least we know Eric is still ruling the world!

  77. I didn’t think the ending was that bad. I think Bill’s attitude towards life as absolutely disgusting, but that was on the character, the writers did a good job giving the show a sense of closure. I really think there should be a spinoff… Jessica deserves a spinoff and so does Eric/Pam. Everyone I know regardless seems to like the Lafayette character too. If a very dead Lilith could appear to Bill from wherever, maybe in a spinoff Bill could say hi to Sookie through Lafayette?

  78. Cried through both videos.  Bill’s tribute to Jessica was so endearing.  Beautifully done by Stephen.

    As for the other … I’m happy for the actors, crew and production staff that they have such good feelings for one another, that there is such a community of love and respect.  The show began with the citizens of Bon Temps.  And it is fitting that it should come full circle, back to the town and the folks who inhabit it.
    But I cannot get past Bill’s true death.  I thought of him turned to a pile of goo while the Bon Temps folks are sitting around with their children enjoying the camaraderie of a Thanksgiving dinner together.  His demise will hurt for a long time to come.  The only thing that helps is knowing that this is what he wanted.

  79. It was bitter for sookie and bill but on the other side hoyt and jess got married. And also sookie was pregnant so bill was right so that she could have a life and kids. :-) bittersweet

  80. Sad to see my favorite character die but not everyone can have their happy ending. To bad all good things have to come to an end. Good Luck to the entire cast.

  81. It was the worst end of a series, if it was the final season final had to be more tragic, more death, just died bill also had to die eric, pam among other vampire, the cravings I had to see the end there was worth

  82. The only thing I didn’t like about the ending was the faceless man that sookie married. I believe everyone was expecting Eric and sookie. Or if Bill hadn’t died sookie and Bill.

  83. That was the point that you seem to have missed! It didn’t matter who was her husband, it matter that she had the life she wanted. Don’t get me wrong, it was another horrible season, with a horrible series finale. But I just feel a lot of people miss the boat in that aspect.

  84. :( so could’ve ended better ….. after seven years just can’t believe this thriller tv show ended this way ….

  85. Horrible season and a horrible ending. They lost their way after the first few seasons of good writing. Also, since when do the vampires on this show eat regular dinner? Look at the pic of the final scene, Jessica has a plate of food in front of her.

  86. Great final season! If True Blood HAD to end I’m glad it ended this way…. You are all class acts! Each and everyone. Thanks for the Bloody memories!!! ; )

  87. Very Sad True Blood is over, I always looked forward to the new season. I read all the books and I loved what the writers  have done in the past episodes. But killing off my Bill and Alcide? :(   I expected his father to come and eat his remains as thy did in the past.   Another thing that bothered me, On vampires what ever you cut off grows back or remove comes back as with Jessica. But in the first season Eric had long hair…then doesn’t.
    I am so hurt its over!  :(  A good 7 yr run!
     I loved seeing Sookie married and having a baby!.    Guess I can read the books again.
    RIP William Compton and Alcide Herveaux.Ivy Oleander

  88. I actually thought it was a great series ending, although I needed a box of Kleenex. It gave a satisfying closure to the series. Bill never wanted to be a vampire and didn’t like the dark side of it all. The only thing I didn’t like was the faceless man that Sookie married in the end scene! I don’t like unanswered questions, but I’ll miss the characters!

  89. As my daughter said last night, ” it was the most boring hour of our life “! Worse than watching grass grow.

  90. c”etait tres triste la fin de true blood j’adore trop cette serie. j’espere quil y aura 1 autre saison

  91. I loved the ending, Bill wanted to die, Sookie wanted her light, Jason got kids like he wanted, Jesse was with Hoyt, I loved it. Eric and Pam did what they do best, put on a show. Sorry , but I lovedit.

  92. I thought it was good, surprising to see her kill Bill off, (lame) but they carried it off over a number of years it was good to see a show end Happy, and loved Eric and Pam, and Charlaine Harris’ cameo filming the infomercial :)

  93. I agree @ Kelly Bein that was horrible! Some nondescript “day” player is her baby daddy? Bill should have been made human or why bother with that whole storyline? Anna and Stephen were fantastic in their scenes though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sweet. Plus Stephen and Deborah Ann too fantastic!

  94. I personally will have to get “glamored” so I can forget season 7 ever happened. Really, what was the point? If Bill really wanted to commit suicide and free Sookie he could have just walked out into the sun. The way it was done was so gut-wrenching and cruel.

  95. eu achei que o final ia ser mais empolgante…estou tão desapontada… achei que o Erick ou o Bill iria ficar com Sookie mais ela acaba o matando?!Horrivel.E o rosto do marido dela nem apareceu,pq?Estou tão triste.

  96. I guess, it was a true ending. Bill wanted to die, to be with his family. And Jessica got married before Bill died. As he wanted her too. And Bill wanted Sookie to get married and have a family. And it happen. But It didn’t show who Sookie was married too. And was going to have a baby, like Bill wanted her to have. But they didn’t show the mans face at the end of the table. But she could hear, Bills thoughts at the wedding. So was Bill coming, part human? Sookie, should have told Bill. She could read his thoughts. Before she kill him. But, over all. The ending was ok. Ever body got together at Thanksgiving. Janson had kids too. Eric and Pam selling New Blood! I will miss the cast and crew of True Blood. Good luck, every body!

  97. awesome endingwhat’s more beautiful and large family having Thanksgiving dinner togethera family where everyone loves each otherisn’t that what everyone wantsThanksgiving dinner with a loving family’

  98. I think they should have followed the books much closer, personally these last 2 seasons have been VERY strange… they took a serious left turn from the books and quite honestly couldn’t hold my interest..the books really held all the characters together and gave us a believable ending..

  99. A wonderful ending! Season 7 successfully wrapped up the ending of a great show. Those whiny brats who are saying how horrible the finale was seem oblivious to the fact that the entire season was tying up loose ends. The finale was fitting to what went on before. Most of those criticizing the writers on how lacking and poor their choices were could probably not string together an episode of My Little Pony.
    Of course True Blood was not without it’s flaws. It was a great show that gave us wonderful characters and stories.
    I wish everyone involved all the best.
    I for one will be binge watching the show again.

  100. I think a better ending would’ve been sookie wakig up from a dream to see that gran and tara still alive, no such thing as vamps or wearwolves and then goig to the store and meetig a human bill. This whole season was disappointing and this last episode was totally lame. I am sad to see it end but glad they didnt drag out more disappointing seasons.

  101. Did not want Bill to die, that was my main request for the ending, and I got exactly what I didn’t want.  So sad.  It didn’t make sense for Bill to die because Sookie remained a faerie, but I’m trying to look at it a different way.  It wasn’t all about Sookie for Bill.  He hated being vampire, he missed his family so much, and he wanted Sookie to have a normal life with children.  When you add it all up, it does make a certain amount of sense.  Still not happy about Bill dying, but I can understand it a little better now than when I saw it last night.  I’ll watch it again.  The acting was excellent between Anna and Stephen, but I probably missed a lot because I was so nervous about Bill.

  102. Oh, and I absolutely love the blog that Bill did for Jessica.  It was so beautiful and heartfelt.  You know that it wasn’t easy for Stephen to do because he was also saying goodbye to Deborah Ann Woll.  They really love each other in real life and had some of the most poignant scenes in the entire series  I will miss that.

  103. Ok, How dumb am I ,I just got my eyes fixed from last night. I watch this clip and start sobbing all over again, I have never felt this way about a show.   RIP MY BLOOD

  104. I understand where this was going, but it sucked, please Sookie needs to be with a supe that’s who she is,what the books was based on,at least she didn’t end up with Sam….

  105. I’m sorry to let you all in a little secret… But you don’t need to be married to make babies… Why is everyone assuming “sweetie” is her husband?? LOL

  106. cried and didn’t like the end. you never knew who Sookie married. everyone liked Eric so did I but liked Bill more. they acted like he was turning human again she could read his thoughts I was hoping he would in some way be alive and they could have a real life together. sounds crazy right but crazier things has happen on the show! I will miss it a lot

  107. I think it’s the dad of her telepathic cousin (from the books – I can’t even remember if they were in the tv series!). He would understand her after having a telepathic son – you can see a young boy sitting at the kids’ table.

  108. Goodbye Bill Compton and True Blood
    Last nights final episode was so hard to watch towards the end when I realized Sookie was no longer going to be Bill’s miracle and turn him human somehow or Pam appear as a deus ex machina with the antidote and save the day; I just had to watch and feel it happen. Happen it did and now it’s processing time. RIP Bill Compton and True Blood. His rest can be peaceful for with the ending Sookie is living the life he had hoped for her with a human and children; who she’s is with is of no importance, it’s that she moved on.
    I understand the ending, the closure; Bill was never meant to love Sookie; their meeting came about under deceit but her love in a way restored bits of his humanity and gave him the clarity to see he needed to be with his human family (dead) and she needed a full human life with children; no more vampires. They together ended the love story that could not be and returned Bill to his human family with a stake to his heart in his coffin. Years later a pregnant Sookie is shown enjoying a Bon Temps Thanksgiving surrounded by her friends, family and an affectionate spouse; Bill did not die in vain. The series ended with Bill getting what ge wanted and though I am sad it is still what Bill wanted.
    The farewell to Jessica his ‘daughter’ was beautifully touching in the vlog as in the final episode; DAW as Jessica the bride was just touching.

  109. What everyone fails to realize is …The Whole reason this series was made was based on books about SOOKIE! So it was an appropriate ending! Sookie got what Bill wanted for her! SHE was happy! Of course we all had favorite people..Vamps..Werewolves…or what have you…but the whole thing was actually revolving around Sookie! So whether you like her or not IT WAS REALLY ALL ABOUT HER!!!! Going to miss you Trueblood!!!!

  110. Bill got what he wanted for sookie to have that normal life she wanted and a baby. It just sucks that he died.

  111. It had to be a very difficult scene to shoot with Bill laying in a coffin 6 feet under. That challenges an actor. That scene had to be extremely had for the both of them since they are married in real life. It ended the only way it could have.

  112. I am so surprised to see so may who did not like the ending it was where it had to go did your really think they were going to keep her with Bill no chance…I really thought he would just disappear….but that part I wasn’t really happy about …..I almost saw a new show called “New Blood” but they wouldn’t do that would they?????…..1-last comment…If the writers had written some of the middle seasons as good as this last one I do not think we would be ending now……The end..:)

  113. I liked the ending. never read the books so to me it was all a surprise. Sookie move on to a normal life. Who cares who she was with, happy and normal life and everybody else had someone to love. Eric is My favorite Glad he is making money and sitting on his throne. YAY!!!!!!

  114. Ese final fue horrible y desde cuando Soqui se pre~a tan rapido, eso es un final desastroso, no es possible que HBO nos haya echo esto, que verguenza. y vieron los hijos de jaeson grandes y ya y los de Sam aun peque~a.

  115. because he was her husband!!!! she was wearing a wedding ring at the end when they hugged.that was the whole point of the flashback to her and Tara as kids

  116. I watched the finale again.  I was so unhappy that Bill died, but already knowing he would die made it easier to watch.  This time I could concentrate on what the characters were saying more.  The acting was so good between Bill and Jessica and Bill and Sookie.  The scene in the cemetary was incredible.  I was weeping and weeping, even though I knew what was coming.  Stellar performances by Stephen and Anna.  I miss the show already.  Good luck to all the cast and crew!

  117. yes I agree they do need a do over. And they shouldn’t have endit like this they should have gone ahead and made a season 8 and season 9 to. I’m very disapointed that it endit like this. Now with out True blood not being on air anymore it’s not gonna be the same.

  118. just awful ending could be so difrent why they think this end?? why bili had to die??? they could change that but no they did not..

  119. ending was pathetic, was very dissappointed as thought sookie would of ended up with someone we knew not a nameless face.

  120. Thank gawd its over. The bastardization of these great story telling novels was destroyed by Alan Ball years ago. RIP HBO True Blood.

  121. why do people invest so much anger in a show just go with the flow it was how it was meant to be will miss bill he was great so sorry it ended

  122. Very dissappointed .It wassupposed to be a BIG deal,because all the true blood fans,know that was it,no more true was not good at all,alot of the scenes didnt make sense or it was really stupid,I cant believe the WRITERS,even called that a season final.the WRITERS should of done 2 hours and like tied up all loose ends about how everyone ends up.WE AS TRUE ,TRUE BLOOD FANS,THE WRITERS SHOULD REDO THE WHOLE FINAL SHOW ALL OVER AGAIN.IM VERY DISSAPPOINTED WITH THE WRITERS OF TRUE BLOOD.

  123. It really was the best seven years of my life,I really enjoyed the show,and watching all the characters,maybe somewhere down the line,there might be a reunion!!!!!

  124. II loved the show…I was extremely disappointed with the finale…..horrible finale by the way….why not just make the thinks nice, beautiful and happy….very poor and silly. Hated it1

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