1. I’m a newcomer & recently started watching….I’m marathoning! So I’m especially sad to see the series end…So soon after getting hooked. :-(

  2. Don’t worry. Sookie will somehow use the last of her fairy powers to turn him human and they will live HEA.

  3. I believe my heart were stopped for momentarily when saw Bill came knocked on Sookie door…thanks goodness still alive :-) Much high hope to see for when the door open, Sookie’s running to Bill and greet him with hugs and kisses before ended episode. Addicted show on tv I’ve ever watched or seen in years! Deeply will miss this show and rest of cast!!!

  4. People get a life really it’s just a tv show I have never missed a episode but if you people remember Bill screwed Sookie over many times and Eric never has and plus she has Bill in real life

  5. I want to see him and Sookie together also, but I think the writers are gonna screw it up. You’d think they would want to make the viewers happy with the ending.

  6. Going to be sooo sad to see this series end. I hope that there will be a sequel or i have to let HBO go. It is the only series I watch on HBO. All my friends know not to bother me Sunday nights at 9:00pm. I do watch every episode several times so I don’t miss anything. Bill Sookie, Jason, Tarra( we loved you and see your Mother did too.) Erik and Pam such important rolls.Arleen your character has been through so much and you still bounce back. Sam you always intrigued me.. such a good man.

  7. needed to add more.. Jessica, so good, We wantTerry back for Arleen,and Bill needs to feed on what’a her name, and i don’t want to be left thinking that bill will get the true death. AND LAfayette, the most used character by everyone.Andy i see you are already busy in another series.

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