Glamour Warning: Stephen Moyer Comic-Con Portrait

Again Michael Muller took care of the True Blood Comic-Con photoshoot and the Comic-Con portrait of Stephen turned out pretty good… ok… it’s freaking fantastic…..

GLAMOUR WARNING! You might think you spent 2 minutes on this site until you realize that 3 hours have passed.

Comic-Con Portrait


  1. Are you kidding me…….. I’m steal under he spell……hope that it will keep going ALL day…….Thanks for the post

  2. Wow, just wow, that man has me in his spell. So gorgeous. I want to make this my desktop but it doesn’t look right, anyone know why?

  3. Stephen is so beautiful in a very masculine way. I love the light golden tan on his face in this pic. A great way to start the day!

  4. I’m going to have to rain on this parade. I just cannot get used to his hair this season. It makes him look like he’s wearing a wig.

    And I’m still missing me my Bill sideburns. :(

    1. I didn’t think I liked the sideburns all that much… but you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone!!!

      But he still looks beyond gorgeous no matter how the mess with his hair.

  5. I love his hair…Season 1 hair was pretty cool, but time has passed, and just like Eric’s long locks had to go, the King has to present a more conservative image to the people. I love this look. Gaw-geous!!!

  6. Oh my ! Those eyes – they burn into me and yes, they glamour me so all I can think about is him!

    It’s funny, but I think his hair looks different in different episodes. Sometimes it looks longer in front, like this photo, and sometimes it looks shorter, maybe when it’s brushed back off his forehead. I admit I like it better brushed back. But I’ll take Stephen any which way – any time, any place, any how!

  7. There are many good-lockin-guys on this earth, but there is only ONE Stephen Moyer!!!! He looks great on every pic imo and his ”Bill” voice is sooo – can’t find the right words – makes me shivering and glamours me after a few moments. It’s a pity, but i found only a few weeks ago to the ”True Blood” series – what did i did before ???
    Thanks a lot for your great site and greeting fm Good Old Germany

  8. OMG those eyes they just bore right through you, I get that feeling in the same place Alan Ball told Anna to feel it when Bill first said ‘Sookeh’
    You know that feeling, Girl’s?……..Yeah of course you do.

  9. Great picture and I think the hair is cute, not for every occasion maybe, but for a change. I still smile each time I see that shirt, it was brilliant to wear it to ComicCon, it has so many potential meanings depending on who “you” is.

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