The Gifted Upfront Launch & prime Monday night spot on Fox

The Gifted Upfront Launch took place today and the announcement of a prime Monday night spot.

It looks like Stephen Moyer’s new series is going to be BIG and they are celebrating already!  Fox held an event to celebrate the show’s launch at the 2017 Upfront event at Wollman Rink, Central Park today in New York City. 

See the photos below:

Gifted Upfront Launch

Fox’s big push this fall will be for “The Gifted” (9 p.m. Monday), a drama about a suburban couple (Stephen Moyer, “Shots Fired,” and Amy Acker, “Person of Interest”) who discover their children have mutant powers and seek help “from an underground network of mutants” to escape the “hostile government.”

And, The Gifted gets a great prime spot in the lineup on Monday nights as follows:

  • 8pm, Lucifer;
  • 9pm, The Gifted

This is considered by Fox to the their best time slot of all, so there’s a lot riding on this series.  I personally think this could be a bit HIT! What’s your opinion?


Read more about the full Fox lineup by clicking here:


  1. This is great! My excitement mounts with each new bit of information on the series. Thanks, Lynn, for all the news and the pictures.

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