The Gifted Season 1 will include 13 episodes

There has been some confusion bantered around on the internet concerning the amount of episodes that will make up the first season of The Gifted. We now know that there will be 13 Episodes.

13 episodes

I have seen several different postings stating 10 episodes, then 12 episodes and then, 10 again.  However, now we have the answer to the question of how many episodes will be included in this first season of The Gifted on Fox.

According to the writer’s themselves there will be a total of 13 episodes, not 10.  See their tweet below from The Gifted Writers posted today on Twitter:

We’re very happy to hear the the season will be a full 13 episodes as we think that there must be enough to fill that many episodes with the stories that have been teased upon in the episodes we’ve seen so far.


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