Reviews say The Gifted is a “slam dunk” to do well

The Gifted is getting lots of good press this week since the season premier is less two weeks away, premiering on October 2. In this week’s edition of The Hollywood Reporter  dated September 20, 2017, there is an article about the Fall network shows and they have rated the Gifted as a “slam dunk.”

Tim Goodman of the magazine writes:

“Based on Marvel’s X-Men properties and created by Matt Nix (Burn Notice), this drama gets an immediate boost from a strong pilot directed by Bryan Singer.  It stars Stephen Moyer (True Blood) as a prosecutor focused on mutant crimes who finds out that both of his kids are mutants.  Knowing how bad that will be for them, he takes his family on the run in Atlanta. For those who like the X-men franchise and are open to spinoff stories, this is a slam dunk. ” – Tim Goodman

See the article below where the Hollywood Reporter reviews the other fall premieres on Network TV. (click on the image for a larger view)

And, if that buzz isn’t enough for you, I don’t know how Fox can publicize the Gifted any more than it has.

In an article from, they report that on the strength of 207.1 million TV ad impressions for promos leading up to its Oct. 2 premiere, Fox’s The Gifted takes our No. 1 spot in all of premiering shows and takes their No. 1 spot. The sci-fi drama, another outgrowth of Marvel’s X-Men franchise, tells the story of parents who discover their kids have mutant powers.

For those who care about “the nubers, below are the stats so far from the promotion of  The Gifted that support this view:

Impressions: 207,094,429
Attention Score: 88.50
Attention Index: 75 (25% more interruptions than avg.)
Imp. Types: National 69%, Local 29%, VOD/OTT 2%
In-network Value: $3,339,192
Out-of-network Est. Spend: $736,330

So, for the lovers of X-Men, I agree with Tim Goodman, it sure looks like The Gifted is going to be successful. Let’s hope so anyway.  What are your thoughts about what you’ve seen so far about The Gifted.  We’d love to hear them, so leave your comments below to give your opinion.

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