The Gifted cast take on NY Comic Con with their Panel Discussion

NY Comic Con

We’ve got some additional videos from today’s visit by the Gifted Cast to New York Comic Con. Most of these videos are of the panel at the event. We don’t yet have the panel discussion in full, but once we get it, we’ll be sure to post it.

As usual, Stephen Moyer is being the live of the party. Noctice that it is Percy’s birthday today and they all wish him a Happy one! We do too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERCY!

NY Comic Con

David Griffin and John Rocha bring you the latest news about The Gifted straight from New York Comic Con.

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  1. From the videos it looks like a very good time was had by all! Appreciated the panel review, and look forward to the video of the panel itself when it becomes available. Thanks so much for everything.

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