Get Tested for the X-gene by Sentinel Services

A new Instagram account has just opened for The Gifted’s Sentinel Services and they are encouraging that everyone get tested. Hmmm, this sounds a bit fishy to me. On the Instagram account there is a video which you can see here.

Sentinel Services – We are proud to offer X-Gene testing to all citizens. Please report any signs of mutation to your nearest Sentinel Services agency at

They seem so friendly don’t they, but be careful!

This is obviously a promotion tactic by Fox as they promoted back in New York City last spring. At that time, FOX promoted The Gifted with a Sentinel Services Mutant Testing Center, where participants could choose to have their DNA “tested” to see if they were a mutant. Willing participants received a cheek swab genetic test from nurses at the testing station, with some being told that they carried the mutant gene. Everyone also received a “I Got Tested” sticker.

Street teams also roamed the area in New York, dressed as Sentinel Services agents and letting people know they could get tested.

sentinel services

As we’ve already reported, The Gifted will have a panel at San Diego Comic Con next week on Friday, July 21 and there is already lots of signage for the show all over town.  Which leads us to believe that the could also provide Mutant Testing in San Diego like they did in NYC?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  If you go to Comic Con, will you get tested?

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