Gery meets Robbie in new episode of ‘Jan’

Jan gets warned about Robbie and it turns out Gery has magic hands and he wants the camera back and then… Robbie walks in.

Behind the scenes“Jan”: Episode 11 of 15 — “Cass”

Robbie’s theft sends Jan into the world of LA’s homeless where she meets Cass, who knows of Robbie’s troubles. Gery and Robbie meet at Jan’s apartment and trouble ensues.

We had a little Twitter chat with Laura Spencer, the girl who gets the neck massage from Stephen in the video.
behind the scenes

“Jan” Behind-The-Scenes 9 of 12: “Cass Discovered”

Cass Castelow tells us how he met WIGS co-creator Jon Avnet, and describes the way his character mirrors some elements of his own life.


  1. Gery’s back and getting into it with Robbie.  Yes!!!  The pawn shop proprietor was sweet … a beautiful soul.  Where is the camera?  Did Robbie really pawn it?  He is quite the piece of work. 
    Gery has magic fingers.  And he’s got to be the fastest showerer in town.
    I really enjoyed the BTS with Cass, who is playing himself in this episode. 

  2. I really enjoyed this episode of Jan.  It touched me in a way I can’t explain here, but thanks Steve for broadening my life again.  

  3. While Eric cleans my house, Bill can massage my neck.
    Love the character Cass.

  4. Cas was wonderful, so touching.
    Just loving that Gery is back and sigh … defending Jan.
    Robbie needs to get a life.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. Ha ha this is a very funny episode, i liked the end with Gery defending Jan :) Unfortunately, i didn´t understand what Cass was talking with Jan because of my english is not so good :/

    1.  @vero1974
       Cass was telling Jan that keeping herself attaached to Robbie is a lost cause because Robbie is an addict who is going DOWN fast and he’ll just take her with him. Drugs don’t have friends and right now , that’s what Robbie is about , the drugs.
      Then he offered to pray with her, which is what they were doing at the end when they were holding hands. Hope that helps!

      1. Hello hdgcat :) Thank you very much for your help!! Reading the conversation is much more easier for me than hearing. I`ve sometimes  difficulties with some people`s speech.That was very kind of you :D
        I think Cass was absolutely right!

  6. Love this episode. Love Cass, love Gery defending Jan against Robbie’s craziness. Magic hands…yes please :)

  7. Jan is starting to make me mad, so friggin passive with Robbie. I’ve known people like him. You can’t give them an inch because they’re all about getting what they want and manipulating you, they don’t ccare about anything beyond their next hit.
    Gery should be able to easily beat Robbie down, robbie’s a friggin addict for pete’s sake, it’s not like he’s in shape.

    1. Vanessa and Jan waiting to stop the fight isn’t a bad idea – Gery’s towel just might fall off – lol!

  8. Gery’s taking another shower – all’s right with the world – lol!
    Really like this episode.   Robbie is a dick.  Vanessa is the luckiest girl in NYC.  Jan needs to give up on her co-dependent relationship with the ex-BF.  Cass is astute and compassionate.  Gery needs his Leica back!

  9. This was one of the best episodes!
    Gery “I did a stint as a masseuse in the lean years”,
    Vanessa ” I loved you in that”
    Gery ” Yah, but that wasn’t a movie”
    I rolled over laughing on that one and the line where Vanessa said she nearly had a “Gerygasm” but used other words when he touched her.  Moyer or Gery or Bill it’s the same magic every time.

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