Full Video interview from Stephen Moyer on “Sway in the Morning”

Last week we posted an audio interview with Stephen Moyer on “Sway In The Morning” on SiriusXM Radio which was just an excerpt from the interview.

Now, the full interview is online and we have it for you. Just like the AOL Build interview, this interview was very in-depth and extremely interesting.



Stephen talks about turning down an audition for Wolverine because he didn’t think the script was very good, which is something I never heard him talk about.

Then, he goes into his fear of being on live stage for so long and how when he starred in the musical Chicago at the Hollywood Bowl he “embraced his fear.” We know this is a Stephen motto which we also embraced several years ago. In fact, we believe in it so completely, we made these awesome wristbands, see below:


source: SwaysUniverse on YouTube


  1. I’m so happy you posted the entire video. Such a great interview. I’m so surprised that it wasn’t until Chicago that Stephen finally faced his fear of going back on stage, and I’m really impressed by how honest Steve is in talking about his past. Not everyone is willing to be so open about things like that. Love him even more.

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