Would Stephen Moyer like to receive a phone call from the past?

In Stephen Moyer’s latest movie The Caller phonecalls are received from the past. Is there anybody from the past Stephen would like to receive a phone calls from?

I am very pleased that this question, sent in by yours truly, was picked up and answered.


  1. Yay Shad! A wonderful question. You could see that Stephen appreciated it and his answer was very touching. This gentleman must have had a profound influence on the teenage Stephen. He answered in such a wistful way that it was evident that Stephen still thinks of him with affection

  2. Shad, what a terrific question. Congratulations on getting yours asked. Stephen’s answer was heartfelt and endearing. Obviously this gentleman was a major influence in Stephen’s life.

  3. Great question…I thought it must have been from either you or Lynn when I saw where it was from. He’s mentioned that gentleman before in interview, Claude Hutchison, I believe. He obviously meant a lot to him.

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