Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Attend Fox Television LA Screening Gala

Wow, Steve and Anna are the party couple this week.  Earlier this week they attended an event for Anna’s upcoming series and now last night the they attended The Twentieth Century Fox Television LA Screening Gala in Los Angeles, California.  There was a screening of The Gifted, with a red carpet and an after party with the couple again dressed in dark colors.

Fox Television LA Screening Gala

@lpk325  posted the following with a picture of himself with Stephen.  He wrote: It’s party time at the Fox Gala, the biggest shindig this LA Screenings 2017. With Stephen Moyer who plays Reed Strucker in THE GIFTED, easily in my Top 5 series this year. It was interesting watching how well the cast [most of them were at the Gala tonight] blended even socially. So psyched for THE GIFTED.

So far, we’ve only found a few photos, but know that if we find more we’ll be adding them to the photo gallery which you can get to by going to the Photo Gallery below:




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