Flack Season 2 is looking for new home in the USA

Flack Season 2

Flack Season 2 will not air on Pop TV this month, as previously scheduled!

Pop TV is paring down its scripted programming commitments from a merger with Viacom-CBS. As a result, Variety has reported that three of POP’s original series including CASM’s “Flack,” “Florida Girls,” and “Best Intentions” — will not move ahead at the network. The good news is that their respective studios are free to shop the shows to other outlets.

Flack Season 2

Series 2 of Flack was scheduled to start on March 13 on PopTV, here in the US (and I was patiently waiting with anticipation to see it), but now we’ll have to wait longer. 

CASM has responded saying that they are confident they will find another home in the U.S.

Jimmy Mulville, who runs Flack’s producer Hat Trick Productions, told Deadline that he was “confident” of finding a new Stateside home for the series, which is co-produced by Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s CASM Films.

“It’s sad to end the show on Pop, the first season did well for them and UKTV,” said Mulville. “I’m confident that we’ll be able to find another home for the show. There’s no shortage of platforms.”

It will still air in the United Kingdom as scheduled!!

For those across the pond, since Flack is a co-production with British broadcaster UKTV, it will still air on UKTV’s W network in March.

NOTE: I was really looking forward to seeing this new season of Flack as I so enjoyed the first season. I hope we in the USA won’t have to wait too long to see it. Rest assured that we will let you know as soon as possible here as soon as we learn when and where it will air in the USA. ~lynnpd

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sources: deadline.com and variety.com

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