First WIGS Youtube series ‘Jan’ comes to end with final episode


With episode 15 the Youtube series ‘Jan’ has come to an end.  A round of applause for the WIGS team, Jon Avenet, Stephen Moyer, Caitlin Gerard, Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Jaime Murray and Laura Spencer. We had a blast following the adventures of Jan and we will never look at a pink bathrobe again without a goofy smile on our faces.

Caitlin Gerard, Virginia Madsen, Laura Spencer, and Jon Avnet will be in the live chat on Young Hollywood today starting at 11 am PT (2pm ET). You can send in your questions to them on Twitter or on Facebook Check out the various ways in which you can follow the live chat here.

Jan”: Episode 15 of 15 — “Afterglow“:
Jan is left alone with Robbie and an erotic dance ensues with the camera as the object of much affection. Robbie takes Jan to see his world and photograph it.

Jan” Behind-The-Scenes 13 of 13: “Jon on Jan
“Jan” creator Jon Avnet takes us through the genesis of WIGS’ premiere series.

Several shots of Stephen in this video.


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  1. I enjoyed and appreciated the BTS more than the finale.  Robbie and Jan come to some sort of an understanding about their relationship.  No Gery, which was disappointing.  I was hoping he’d make a final appearance.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.  Still and all, “Jan” was an interesting experiment, and I’m glad I came along for the ride.

  2. I have to add that I like how the camera is used as the common denominator.  It brings them together and enables each to see the other’s world a little bit better.

    1.  @Rowena75 
      I should have clarified.  By “them” I meant Robbie and Jan in the finale.  But the camera works in tying all the players together in some fashion.  It is a common thread, and connects one to the other.  I’d like to return to the character of Jan to see how she’s faring, and how much she has learned and grown with the passage of a few years.  Of course, I’d love for Stephen as Gery to be a part of that return.

  3. I found this to be a very satisfying series.  It’s a testament to everyone involved that it left me wanting more.  I was intrigued by Jan’s experiences as a new assistant, her relationship with Gery and also with her ex, who could have a whole other story of his own.  I was left wanting to follow Jan through her career.  I wish there was more.  Oh, and can we have some more Stephen Moyer, too, please?

  4. I found Jan to be frustrating as a character. 
    Stop, don’t do that, no , etc and all ignored by everyone she knows …it’s very hard for me to enjoy a series when i find the lead character to be so ….pathetic .
    Agreed, that as an experiment , the wigs idea is very interesting. I might like the next ones better.

  5. There were enough moments of “Jan” that kept me coming back for the next episode, and most of those moments were centered on Gerald.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself when he was on the screen, and when Vanessa was on.  I also thought the writing for those characters was excellent.   They each had a spark, and a sense of humor.   I can not say that about the rest of the characters.
    The finale was anticlimactic and more of a footnote, IMO.
    I thought the BTS videos were well done, although too short.  It was good to see several aspects of the production behind the camera, as well as get some insight from the players.
    I will give the next project a look-see. 

  6. I genuinly enjoyed Jan and looked forward to each new episode AND I get the ending BUT I wanted Gery just one last time.
    All the actors were a treat and seeing Stephen in this role was a dream. The short episode format is something to get used to and I would love to watch Jan in one sitting.
    I will be watching the others once they are released in their entirety.

  7. as a stephen moyer fan, of course I’d like to see him on screen, everywhere , all of the time.
    however, this has always really been about Jan.  Jan getting a knew job; learning her way around a new boss; meeting new and exciting people and coping with past disappointments.  in the end, we see Jan come into her own.  She doesn’t need Mel’s high-profile photoshoots, Robbie or Gery.  Just her camera and her talent.  As Gery told her ‘Take the Shot’.  

  8. While I thought it fizzled with the finale, I was happy overall with this web-series. It was a fun experiment that seems to be catching on. Just another way to get media out there!
    I thought Stephen and the rest of the cast did a great job with their respective characters.

    1. Alexis, this was the first “season” of Jan. They have already had a second one, but unfortunately Stephen wasn’t seen in season 2. We’ve heard rumors of more; maybe he’ll return then.

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