First Wave of True Blood Episodes hit Amazon Prime Instant Video

If you’ve always wanted to do a marathon of streaming your favorite show True Blood and seeing your favorite vampire, Bill Compton, the time is now. Over at Amazon Instand Video, the first wave of seasons have become available for instant streaming. This launch includes the first five season of HBO’s hit vampire drama True Blood.

Click on the image below to go to Amazon and make your choice of episodes to watch.


True Blood on Amazon

source: Amazon Instant Video


  1. I started watching it from season 1 just Monday I think and here it is Wednesday and I am just about to season 4. I HATE LIKE HELL that this is going to be the last. Was it canceled or did the writer just give up?

  2. I have them all on DVD and have pre ordered season 6 can’t wait for season 7 and will be sad when it’s all over

  3. I own all of those. I need season 6 to come out on Blu Ray so I can watch it again before the final season begins. When will it be for sale??

  4. Have all but season 6; will get soon when it gets a little cheaper! Sorry Stephen; I am poor so I will have to wait for Bill and the Lillith conclusion hehe

  5. GO TO WAL-MART IT’S CHEAPER!!! I have all the season waiting for 6 to come out on the 2nd….but I paid $39.99 for each.

  6. I have 1-5 also. Australia gets season 6 this year and the USA get season 7 this year (which is the last). Steven Moyer has been saying goodbye to the cast and crew. I

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