First Trailer for Stephen Moyer’s film “Concussion”

game-brain-628Finally a first trailer for the upcoming film starring Will Smith who plays Dr. Omalu.

Stephen Moyer has a small part in the film as … Dr Ronald Hamilton (on the left in the photo below).  

Stephen Moyer on left at :55 into the video below.

After watching the trailer, check out the interview with Steve about this film and our new Movie & TV Page devoted to it!

In an exclusive interview with Shadaliza, Stephen Moyer discusses his film, “Concussion,” [Steve says:

It’s a tiny part, Stephen says during our Skype interview from the privacy of his home. “My very dear friend Peter Landesman asked me to do it and the script is extraordinary, absolutely unbelievable. I am playing this real life pathologist who has a big, chunky beard”, Stephen smiles while scratching his facial hair.

I am playing this guy Ron Hamilton [Dr Ronald Hamilton] who was Bennet Omalu’s [played by Will Smith] teacher at the University of Pittsburgh.

Also watch the Frontline documentary which tells you all about the issue with American Football, League of Denial.

Read Shadaliza’s interview with Stephen Moyer about this film, by clicking on the banner below:


Read the entire interview with Stephen and what else he has to say about Concussion BY GOING HERE.


Also watch the Frontline documentary which tells you all about the issue with American Football, “League of Denial.


  1. I’m really looking forward to this movie.  Stephen got me interested in the first place, but the subject should make for a really good film.  I did not expect Will Smith to use an accent.  He sounds really good.

  2. According to USA Today:  “This is a big movie, with big names and a big marketing campaign behind it. By New Year’s Day, even those folks who can’t name the NFL team outside their own city will know Omalu’s story – and how the NFL tried to suppress it.”  So excited that Stephen will be appearing in such a big movie, even if his part is small.

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