First photo of Stephen Moyer as Officer Breeland in “Shots Fired”

Below is the very first photo we’ve seen of Stephen Moyer in his role of Officer Breeland in the new Fox drama, “Shots Fired.”  

The photo was taken on the set of the new series where this lucky fan and fellow actor, Ryan, who got his pic with Steve. Ryan was also in the scene of the show, and looks as delighted as we are to see Steve in uniform.

Stephen Moyer Shots Fired

And, of course both men look awesome and it’s great to finally get a picture of Stephen from the set.  Love a man in uniform and Stephen is no exception!

Ryan lists himself as a student and aspiring actor on his Tumblr page and we thank him for sharing the photo.  Great shot Ryan!

Thanks to Karen for finding this photo!



  1. Awesome! Steve looks great, so different, but so handsome in that uniform. Now I’m really off the charts excited for the show. Thank you to Ryan, and to you guys for posting.

  2. Thanks to both Ryan and Karen. Stephen looks terrific. And so does Ryan. Love his big smile. Such a treat to see Stephen in uniform as Officer Breeland.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this pic! Thanks to Karen for getting it, thanks to Ryan for sharing it. This is truly exciting…seeing Officer Breeland for the first time. He seems very straight-laced.

    Stephen looks sooo different: The hair, short on the sides so his uniform hat sits well ( I assume he’s got a hat). His buttoned up shirt, all starched and tucked in. His tie, tied tight and totally straight. Wow, quite a difference from the Chamberlain of TBX, and miles away from Vampire Bill!

  4. Thank you Ryan and Karen for getting our first look of Stephen as Officer Breeland. Yes I do agree, “love a man in a uniform”.

    The smiles on both men are fantastic.

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