First Photos of Stephen Moyer on the set of G-Loc

A couple of hours ago, Stephen Moyer posted a photo of himself getting waffles on the set of the movie G-Loc that he is filming in York, in the UK. We don’t know too much about the film except that it’s a sci-fi space film and, as Steve says in his post, he’s already 2/3 completed his filming. In the photo he is helping to advertise the concession stand on the lot.

Here’s what he has to say:on the set of G-Loc

and below is the photo where he is helping to advertise the concession stand on the lot.

on the set of G-Loc

We’re assuming that there might be some trouble on board the spaceship as Steve has a streak of blood on his face.  I love a man in uniform, don’t you?

Here’s another photo of the cast and crew from filming courtesy of the cameraman on the film, George Burt, filmmaker

Crew with Tala Gouveia and Stephen Moyer - photo credit:
Crew with Tala Gouveia and Stephen Moyer – photo credit George Burt


Photo Credit: George Burt

According to synopsis for G-Loc is as follows:

The story of G-Loc is about Bran Marshall, a young man who has fled from Earth through The Gate to find a new home on Rhea. But the early human settlers of Rhea have decided that they will no longer accept refugees from Earth, which sparks an adventure of discovery as Bran is forced to team up with a Rhean woman named Ohsha Rainer and stop her ship from killing thousands of Earth Refugees. Along the way they might just become the best hope that the next generation of mankind has to co-exist with itself.

source: George Burt on Instagram and Stephen Moyer on Instagram – be sure to follow his account!!!!! We certainly do!


  1. Love sci-fi, men in uniform and waffles even though they are probably not in the movie . G-Loc sounds like my type of film. Happy to see Steve has tasty treats near his set.

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