Fox releases first “official” trailer for Shots Fired

Below is the first official trailer for Stephen Moyer’s upcoming series, “Shots Fired.” This is our first official glimpse of what the event series is going to look like.

We also learned earlier this morning in our first post today about Shots Fired that the show will premiere in midseason after the Super Bowl and be seen on Wednesday nights.

Toward the end of the video, we see Stephen Moyer in the video who is shown in his role of Officer Breeland. Below are a few screenshots of Stephen’s part in the video.





True Blood’s Ms. Janette, Aisha Hinds is also seen in the video.



  1. Thanks for providing. An exciting, intense glimpse of the show. Wish there had been more Stephen but I’m grateful for what we got.

  2. Waiting for Wednesday’s after Super Bowl. The series looks good and hope Officer Breeland will have good part in it.

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