1. wow! that looks awsume..did i see sooky making out with Alcide? I wonder if the final will follow the books?

  2. A terrifying look at the final season.  Should be an exhilarating and frightening ride … yet despite that I am taking
    gran’s words to heart … that there is a purpose for everything and that
    purpose will be revealed in the fullness of time (not her exact words
    but a respectable paraphrase). Somehow that gives me hope for the
    citizens of Bon Temps.
    Thanks so much for providing.

  3. So sookie will have children with alcide.thats awesome.but where does that leave bill and eric?and did tara live?is she and pam 2gether?and jessica and jason are they a couple?god i wish i had h.b.o.

  4. I didn’t have sound – I think some of it was a dream sequence – also they’re leaving Eric out on purpose (he’ll be back!!!)

  5. Gosh, I have watched this clip over and over, slo mo; stopping at every scene, backwards and forwards and it’s just too much to take in all at once. Typical HBO to give us a taste and no real info. LOL. LOVED IT! Thank you so much for putting it here. Gran says: “I believe God has a purpose for everything and in time that purpose will be revealed.” she was speaking to Sookie about Vampires….and Sookie was giving blood to Bill from her wrist in the car. But we aren’t able to see much in the way of either Eric or Bill or who Sookie was crying over. Jess will save Adylin…can’t stop watching it to see blips of scenes. 
    Thanks again!

  6. omg, who do you think sookie was screaming no no to on the floor, looks like that person on the floor may be dead, i’m hoping it’s not bill or eric omg, it’s worrying :(

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