First Look at Stephen Moyer on The Tonight Show

Even though the Tonight Show doesn’t air until 11:35pm tonight, below is a photo of Stephen Moyer on the show with Jimmy Fallon. The photo was taken during the show’s taping today. What’s cuter than Stephen Moyer with puppies!!!

Be sure to watch tonight at 11:35pm on NBC to find out what the story is with those adorable puppies that they are holding.  Can’t wait to find out.


As more photos become available as well as the video from Stephen’s appearance, we’ll be sure to post it for you, so check back often.

(Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC)



  1. Laughed when Stephen walked out with 2 pups. They were well behaved for him. Not so for Jimmy Fallon. His spot was way too short & involved the dogs more than an interview. I’ll watch him on Kelly & Michael and on Watch What Happens. Is he on Jimmy Kimmel also? I’ll check my guide to find out. Wouldn’t miss an opportunity to hear him speak. Gorgeous man.

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