First KVIFF Review says The Parting Glass is a down-to-earth, unsentimental winner!

Below are some excerpts from a review by the Prague Reporter after they viewed CASM Films new film, “The Parting Glass” at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

We’re so happy that the film is getting some really good press! Congrats to all those involved at CASM Films!

unsentimental winner

With the drama pointed inward, The Parting Glass becomes an affectionate story of how different people process grief and a showcase for its talented cast. O’Hare and Ifans get some of the showier material to work with, but I was equally impressed with Leo and Nixon during some of the film’s more quietly touching moments.

But it’s 88-year-old Asner who makes the biggest impression.……..His quiet, even-tempered presence perfectly depicts the kind of glue that holds his family together, even in times like this.

The film is more nuanced than you might expect from a debut screenwriter and more polished than the average directorial debut, The Parting Glass treads the familiar ground established by features like The Big Chill but comes out a down-to-earth, unsentimental winner.

Director Moyer introduced the film personally at this year’s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival alongside wife Anna Paquin and writer-star Denis O’Hare; the three met on the set of HBO’s True Blood, the production of which Moyer credited with developing the friendships that would lead to his successful feature debut.



  1. Lovely review. I’ve read a few good reviews now, and I’m so pleased that this feature directorial debut of Stephen Moyer’s is being received so well. I am looking forward to seeing this!

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