First Billsbabe Day raises money for Facing The Atlantic

The level of involvement of our board members with Facing The Atlantic is heart warming. Out of this involvement and generosity a spontanious initiative was launched by our dear friend Zuzana. She had the brilliant idea to start motivating the Billsbabes to do a little fundraising close to home and the first Billsbabe Day was born.

On and around September 16 several Billsbabes organized activities to raise money for Facing The Atlantic/Facing The World.

AnimaEterna auctions her Bill Compton portrait for £70. Krissyma sold muffins at work at raised £80. Parise knitted 4 pair of socks for £80. Cindy sold her Bill and Sookie painting for £20. And organizer Zuzana raised £40 at the Sunday school picnic and another £40 with her angels. AllStephenMoyer added the magazine auction held in that week for £163. The first Billsbabe Day raised a total of £583.

Congratulations and thank you!

But that is not all….. SMluvr had sent in a Stephen Moyer potrait, that we were not able to put up for auction on September 16. Instead it will be next week’s birthday auction, but the amount will be added to the Billsbabe Day total.


Anima Eterna – Bill Portrait
Krissyma’s muffins
Zuzana – Sunday school picnic
Cindy’s painting

Parise’s socks and Zuzana’s angels


  1. Big congratulations to Zuzana for thinking of this in the first place, and being the spark plug behind it all. Wonderful contributions by so many of the babes.

    A terrific total, which will be added to when Smluvr’s picture is auctioned off next week.

    Kudos to one and all!!!

  2. Zuzana, a truly great effort with wonderful results. I applaud your efforts and all the things that the Billsbabes did to make it a success. Wow, 583 pounds, that’s about $1000 isn’t it? Well done. Great job and thanks to all the Billsbabes!!!

  3. This is wonderful. I’m happy to have contributed to this wonderful idea. Many thanks to Zuzana for contact me. And to Shadaliza for posting my portrait here.

    Even I can not believe that my work has appeared in and The Vault… OMG!!! :-D

  4. Shad, thanks for all the help I have received … Thanks to all who participated and everyone who has thought of us and gave us feddback. It was really nice.
    Billsbabes, start thinking about next year’s Billsbabes day … we may be able to double the amount??? It would be fantastic!

  5. I am so excited to be a part of this. Thanks to everyone who participated. I know Stephen will be chuffed at our work. I will be sending the winner a thank-you card and a bag of gummie vampires (blackforrest) ones along with the painting. Just a thanks for thinking of the FTA and Stephen to.
    Thanks again you Wonderful Sisters-n-Bill

    :) Cindyloo

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