First 3 Episodes of True Blood Season 6 Show us Lots of Bill Compton!

Below are some episode descriptions for the first three episodes of True Blood Season 6.  They are sure messing with the titles of each episode this year as they have changed the titles for all three episodes from what was previously reported. Maybe they are just messing with our heads, but that’s sure not necessary as if we aren’t already upset enough about Bill’s fate. But not to worry fans, the good news is that “BILL IS BACK” and while he may still be somewhat possessed by his “new powers,” he sure does look pretty good to our eyes.  It also looks like he will be “front and center” for at least these three episodes.

It’s been a long wait to find out if Bill would be a vampire or simply goo. What do you think will happen for Bill this year?  Are you encouraged by this and the recent teaser video just released by HBO?


Episode summaries:

Episode 6.01 – “Who Are You, Really?” (formerly, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood)
Bill’s bloody reincarnation ushers in a new era for vampires, faeries and humans alike. (Written by Raelle Tucker; directed by Stephen Moyer.) Playdates: June 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20

Episode 6.02 – The Sun (formerly, Here Comes the Sun)
Sookie meets a handsome stranger; Eric takes on the governor; Bill contemplates his new powers. (Written by Angela Robinson; directed by Dan Attias.) Playdates: June 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27

Episode 6.03 – You’re No Good (formerly Abducted)
Bill looks for a solution to an impending catastrophe; Eric takes a hostage, while Sam tries to recover one. (Written by Mark Hudis; directed by Howard Deutch.) Playdate: June 30

source: SpoilerTV


  1. Yes, indeed, I am encouraged.  Bill in regular clothes and not totally covered in blood.  He’s closer in appearance to his old self.  War is definitely brewing between humans and vampires, and other supes may be drawn in.  I look for Bill to provide leadership; hopefully, he can do so without alienating other vampires and being too god-like.

  2. Many fans will be reassured by this new info, knowing that Bill will not run around like a crazed blood covered zombie. It took me some time this year, but I am getting really excited about the new season.

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