The fight continues in new episode of ‘Jan’

Jan”: Episode 12 of 15 — “Fight???”: Robbie and Gery reach an accord as Jan is given an opportunity by Mel. Can she take it?

fight continues

After rolling around with Robbie, Gery mentions that he studied fighting at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Art imitates life: Stephen performed several Shakespearean plays with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1990’s. We have a special page on AllStephenMoyer dedicated to his stage years with several original theatre programmes including one of the above mentioned company. Check it out here:

Take a look behind the scenes with the production designer of ‘Jan’.

Jan” Behind-The-Scenes 10 of 12: “The Production Designer
“Jan” Production Designer Tracey Gallacher has worked long and hard to get to the top, and now she wants a break.

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  1. I’m glad they picked up where the fight left off in epi 11.  It crossed my mind that Chase could be lying about Mel’s being sick and wanting Jan to shoot.  Jan, you need to let Vanessa look after Robbie.  You have to go … I’m hoping Mel’s offer is legit. More Gery.  Yes!!!   I was surprised that Robbie agreed to return Gery’s camera.  Good on Gery for offering help to Robbie.  We learn that he’s had an addiction problem (non shower related) and overcome it.   ETA:  thanks for the Production Designer BTS.  Always fun to get more insight into the making of Jan.

  2. I’ve seen cheerleaders that can fight better than those two guys! LOL!
    I’m glad to see Jan is growing some semblance of a backbone.
    Gery figured out pretty quick why Robbie was holding the camera. But then, he’s an actor and figuring out “motivation” is what they do.

  3. Robbie will be fine in Vanessa’s capable hands.  I’m wondering what might be wrong with him physically.  We know he’s emotionally messed up.  This one was definitely worth several re-watches.

  4. Great episode. So glad to see Gery back. I find it very hard to believe that Mel wants Jan to shoot. I think she’s getting set up.

  5. Good episode.  Reasons:   1.  Stephen Moyer half-nekked!  2. Gery & the mirror-best friends!.  3. Robbie’s an addict- his word is meaningless.  4. Jan is learning.  5. Is Chase setting her up?  6. Vanessa is so cute, so real, and so watchable!
    BTS:  Cute.  Talk about a blank canvas!  That’s a lot of work.

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