Fans react on Twitter to Stephen Moyer’s True Blood directorial debut

Wow, episode 5.08 will require some rewatching to take it all in. It is without a doubt one of the best of this season, if not the best we’ve seen so far. Kudos to writer of the episode Mark Hudis for this exciting episode and congratulations to first time True Blood director Stephen Moyer for doing an excellent job.

As a first time TV director and the very first True Blood actor to direct an episode of the show, we’d like to put Steve in the spotlight. We know how much he wanted this and how hard he worked to do the best possible job.

Fan reactions flew all over Twitter. Here is a selection of what the fans said.
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Jim Parrack @parrack120
@TrueBloodHBO Stephen knocked it out the park!! He let his imagination and understanding lead him to his decisions and wasgreatwusactors;)

Margaret McNea ‏@fallen4Bill
Loved the lighting,Loved the pace,Loved the acting,Loved this episode Well done Stephen Moyer Direct more please! #somebody #Trueblood

Bliss82 ‏@Bliss82
Genius episode Stephen Moyer #TrueBlood

Molly Jones ‏@xMysticMollyx
Alan stepped down as show runner, right? I say Stephen Moyer should take over. #TrueBlood

Alexa Whiteside ‏@alexawhiteside
Oh my god! Totally forgot Stephen Moyer directed tonight’s episode of True Blood! This was an epic episode! Huge kudos to him.

Elise Montalvo ‏@EliseMontalvo
Stephen Moyer needs to direct more episodes of True Blood. Great angles and lighting. Also, Joe Manganiello’s butt.

Karmina Skarsgård ‏@kaysanch19
Bless Stephen Moyer for this episode. holy shit.

Maria Roncal ‏@MariaRoncal
Tonight’s episode of @TrueBloodHBO is even better the second time. #Somebody tell Stephen Moyer he did a brilliant job directing it.

Alcide’s Wolfettes ‏@AlcidesWolfette
Let’s all congratulate and thank Stephen Moyer for a great @joemanganiello filled episode of #TrueBlood! #Somebody

Tamica Belfield ‏@tab00
Steven Moyer did and outstanding job directing tonight’s episode of #trueblood. Easily the best episode this season!

✟Jafet☯Saavedra✟ ‏@Jaffy_Sama
Great Job #StephenMoyer at directing that episode every scene had that emotional push that could make you laugh or cry. #TrueBlood

Schwanenlied ‏@dark_swan
#StephenMoyer should take over the director’s chair & do the work all the time! So epic, this episode! @SamTrammell, you’re a GOD #TrueBlood

Angie Ellis ‏@angmatange
#onelastthing (lol) #StephenMoyer just might be my new fave director… So many great still shots! The lighting!

Molly Jones ‏@xMysticMollyx
Alan stepped down as show runner, right? I say Stephen Moyer should take over. #TrueBlood

Janet Damian ‏@janetdamian
Awesome episode of #TrueBlood tonight. A whole lot of attitude and intensity. #StephenMoyer should keep directing the rest of the series

Jamie ‏@VA_Bites
Damn! That episode of @TrueBloodHBO kicked my face in!! Stephen Moyer is awesome!!

Clair lusher ‏@Crazyclair80
Stephen Moyer did an amazing job directing this weeks episode of TB , is there anything he can’t do? #StephenMoyer


But we cannot all be fans of course.

Him ‏@PapichuloHU
Dear Stephen Moyer, I would like to express my disappointment with your directorial debut**




  1. I’m not on Twitter so can’t comment there.  Thrilled to see so many positive and congratulatory comments on Stephen’s directorial debut.  He did an amazing job!

  2. Not on twitter either.  But wonderful to read all the very positive comments.  I mean, where do you start?  The wonderful camera angles, the incredible, real performances he drew from the actors, the great pacing, etc.  You rocked it, Steve!  Please direct some more.  They’d be crazy not to let you. 

  3. Thank you for the update which reminded me to post my twitter comment, I usually don’t follow just comment here or there. 

  4. Totally busting with pride for all the kudos that Stephen is getting. As a long, very long term fan having watched a career with many amazing performances, I just can’t stop smiling about the long overdue praise being given to this amazingly talented actor.
    As Clair tweeted, is there anything he can’t do ~ next up Emmy / Oscar and please a CD for a Grammy. 

  5. The episode was absolutely amazing! It just shows how TRULY talented Stephen Moyer is. I can only imagine how much work went into directing let alone acting. I hope Stephen directs again for True Blood and beyond!

  6. I am still giddy over not just watching such an amazing episode that was directed by Stephen, but all the love I see on the interwebs for his effort. 
    Woo Hoo! Great job Stephen!!!

  7. Stephen deserves all the praise he gets on this – this episode is fantastic!  I’m so glad AB allowed this to happen!

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