The following are links to animated gif files from True Blood and other gif files related to Stephen Moyer. Most of these animated gif files were created by the Billsbabes, specifically BittenByBill and LifeIsNotEasy. Rights by HBO, no copyright infringement is intended.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Other Animated GIF files

Bill Compton Animated GIF files from True Blood Animated GIF files on Tumblr

Stephen Moyer’s film “JAN” Animated GIF files from Imhereforsookie on Tumblr


  1. Oh I love the Gifs. Thanks so much for having them in one place like this. Thanks BittenByBill and LifeIsNotEasy.
    Thanks Shad and Lynn for making this site. It is like having a Stephen Moyer channel all Stephen all the time! I am loving it!

  2. I love these, could watch them all night. Thanks for uploading them, it makes waiting for Season 3 somewhat more bearable.

  3. Nice!!! I love them all,so hot and sexy,and the one where Bill is walking to visit the queen…*SIGH* and *THUMP*.Thanks to our talented BillsBabes.You girls are creative monsters.

  4. Thank you so much to the wonderful Billsbabes who made and posted these treasured moments. I love the little clip of Stephen from the premiere too. This just may be the single greatest page in the history of the internet. It’s only missing the glorious backing through the door, slipping off the shirt grasping Sookie’s face scene from Nothing but the Blood. Oh, those shoulders, and that intense “I never want to lose you” kiss.

  5. I just found these myself, they are totally awesome, thank you so much, some best moments of SM/BC. Billsbabes are the best.

  6. YES MORE MORE ! I love them ….

    here is a suggestion (sp?) anyway -at You Tube- TS0117 (the Secret)
    TS0118 there is a scene wth him in his riding outfit – yummy

    and a scene of him riding a horse – yummy i’d like gifs of that LOL

    there are also other scenes that would make great gifs ,,,

  7. thanks so much! all these gave me great pleasure to watch. are we able to put a couple on our fb page? not to be greedy or anything.

  8. OMG, I just love all of these!!!!!!
    I could look at them all day!

    Thank you for posting them. All my fav Bill/Stephen moments at a glance.

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