The amazingly talented Billsbabe, ThelLou has been creating videos for True Blood ever since the show first aired in 2008. She certainly is a true Billsbabe since she has focused most of her videos specifically on her favorite subjects Stephen Moyer, Bill Compton and the relationship between Bill and Sookie.

She is a self taught videographer and makes no claim of being an artist but, we think she really is one, because she shows such creativity with each new video that they truly are works of art.  Not only that, but she seems to outdo herself each time a new one is produced.

We chose to feature her work here, not only because we think her videos are among the best fan made videos on the internet, but it seemed appropriate that they found a home here at where they will be fully appreciated and, because we too, are all about Stephen Moyer, Bill Compton and the relationship between Bill and Sookie.

Tip for watching the video. Loading time of the video depends on your connection and the amount of viewers. To watch the video without interruptions click “play” and click “pause”, watch the blue bar and let the video load completely before hitting “play” again.

Taylor Swift – “Hey Stephen”

Christina Aguilera – “Ain’t No Other Man”

Billy Holiday – “You Go To My Head”

Halestorm – “I Get Off”

Saving Abel – “18 Days”

Drowning Pool – “37 Stitches”

Saving Abel – “Addicted”

The Local NYC – “Addict Me”

Bon Jovi – “Always”

Aerosmith – “Angel”

Snow Patrol – “Chasing Cars”

Leona Naess – “Chosen Family”

Radiohead – “Creep”

Fiona Apple – “Criminal”

Aerosmith – “Dream On”

Travis Tritt – “Drift off to dream”

Saving Abel – “Drowning”

Secondhand Serenade – “Fall For You”

Paula Cole – “Feeling In Love”

Chantal Kreviazuk – “Feels Like Home”

Portishead – “Glory Box”

Matt Nathanson – “Come On Get Higher”

Abra Moore – “Home”

Suzy Bogguss and Lee Greenwood – “Hopelessly Yours”

Nickelback – “If everyone cared”

Rascal Flatts – “I Melt”

Nina Gordon – “Kiss me till it bleeds”

Annie Lennox – “Lovesong for a vampire”

Marilyn Manson – “The Nobodies”

Pat Benatar – “Selfcontrol”

Carolina Liar – “Show me what I am looking for”

Aqualung – “Brighter than sunshine”

Pat Benetar – “We Belong”

The Sundays – “Wild Horses”

Sarah McLachlan – “Song for a Winter’s Night”

The Foo Fighters – “Let It Die”

Colbie Caillat – “I never told you”

Guns and Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Patty Smyth and Don Henley’s “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough”

Alice in Chains – The Man In The Box


Godsmack – Bill & Sookie – Love Hate Sex Pain


  1. The videos are great. I’ve got one posted on my facebook profile and group. It’s a cover of Robbie William’s feel sung by me with images from Sookie & Bill. You’re more than welcome to take a look at it. If you’ve got Facebook, check for my profile (Maika Barbero) or for the group (Maika-The female voice of rock).

  2. This is just the best. No fuss, no muss….all in one place. In my opinion, Lou, your videos are the best. The music is always perfect, the way you cut the scenes is perfect. I’ve purchased quite a few songs on iTunes because I associate them with your videos (personal fave … Chosen Family). Thanks to all who brought them here!

  3. I still can’t get over seeing my vids here in one place, it’s amazing!! I’m not an artist at all, but Stephen/Bill do inspire me so. Thanks to ASM for making my vids available to everyone again – Shad and Lynn totally rock.

  4. I’ll be a regular visitor. Just watched and listened to *Drowning Pool* “37 Stitches,” *Saving Abel* “18 days,” *Taylor Swift* “Hey Stephen,” and *Saving Abel* “Addicted.”

    Yes, Lou, you are an artist. Your video creations are simply amazing. I am totally and completed addicted, and will be back for more. Count on it!!! Thanks to Shad and Lynn for bringing them here.

  5. Wow – so many, all my faves – almost (Ain’t no other man?)- plus some I haven’t seen before – can’t wait to watch them all. Lou, you’re so talented in putting them together, but also, you find some great songs!
    Thanks ASM for giving them a good home.

  6. HOO-RAH!

    Lou- I bought the Saving Abel CD because of your video…now when I play it while driving, I think of the vid and all the Babes, and how the craziness that is TB brought us all together~!!

  7. I am one happy Billsbabe to find Lou’s remarkable vids all together with easy access for my viewing pleasure. Doing a little happy dance :) .

  8. Lou, these videos are lovely and amazing, what a treat to have these to come to. I just watched four in a row and look forward to watching the rest – repeated viewings for sure. The choice of music nicely complements the images, and it’s interesting to see the same image with a different piece of music behind it. Thank you Shad and Lynn for posting the collection.

  9. I love these vids and would love to know if there is a way to get them onto my phone. I dont have a fancy iphone or anything like that but I can transfer photos and music from my pc onto it no bother. Bill is my wallpaper and another pic of him and Sookie is my screensaver. I would love a short true blood vid though. Does anyone know of a way of getting it to tranfer onto a nokia 6303 classic?

  10. Thank you, Shad and Lou, great job!

    Lou, you’re videos are wonderful and I’m glad they have a new and nice home now :-)

  11. They are NOT all there! What about “ain’t no other man” by christina agualera especially made for me! It was awesome just because of the title, the meaning nonwithstanding.

      1. LOL – you need to be a little bit more thankful there ican or you get yelled at!! After all shad has been through and she got these up for us!! But yeah I noticed it missing too….. just saying…

  12. they are really the best vids out there , imo….
    Lou I found your vids first before I even became a member of the forum….once I tracked you down on the vault I was overjoyed! I was like oh, that is that gal who makes the vids…..:D


  14. I’m so happy I found this site and these videos. I missed seeing them on YT, they are beautiful. I love Bill on True Blood.

  15. Lou, I have searching for you since the big HBO site “shake up”. I have been over at Bill’s Wiki’d Women but have searched other places too. I have always loved your vids and have been eagerly waiting to see if you ever finished the “Miracle” vid we talked about. Did you do it or decide to abandon it? I hope you decided to keep working on it as it is a lovely and appropriate song for B & S. Glad to have found your new home so I can catch all your vids, as well as your “classics”.

    1. Hi, Blue!! I had started your vid and was about halfway thru when the drama at YT happened and all my vids disappeared. I hate to say I haven’t worked on yours in a long time, but I’ll add it back to the queue, I promise. :)

  16. Lou, you are a legend! Thanks so much for all your hard work and thanks also to ASM Shad and Lynn for giving them a permanent honourable home. ‘Hey Stephen’ was my favourite for a long time and I was shattered when it was removed from YT. But now it’s here, with others that I haven’t seen before, to watch whenever I want. <3

  17. Welcome back, “Ain’t No Other Man”! And as the song says “…til you came and changed my life” (images of Quills), putting music to this obsession makes it even more festive, and you always do it perfectly, Lou.

  18. Lou, I adore Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ and would love to hear it on one of your Bill videos. Just an idea. :))

  19. So many fine videos and such great music ! I just had to re-view “Aint’t No Other Man” – my very favorite. So many wonderful clips of the handsome and talented Stephen Moyer.
    I am so grateful for this section, and also so thankful for all the work and time put in by Lou, and for her talent !

  20. Lou, thanks, I have had wonderful time to look at your videos.
    You are incredibly talented, thank you again.
    Some girls asked about Hallelujah… wow it would be wonderful

  21. Lou all your videos are exceptional but I especially like Carolina Liar’s “Show Me What I’m Looking For”. Your talent is amazing.
    Thank you Shad and Lynn for making Lou’s videos available for us fans.

  22. Hi Lou, have you ever heard lady gaga’s “Teeth”, its great and would be fantastic in one of your videos. Please please give it a go? It would be perfect with the new season 3 clips too.
    “help, need a man, now show me your fang”!

  23. Thanks to Lou for all your amazing videos. Anytime I need a little inspiration I drop by my Fave Website and just soak in whatever vid I require at the moment. “The nobodies” and “Dream on” are the top 2 tonight.

  24. Lou, this place is a treasure trove. Thanks so much for the vids. I’m back for the umpteenth time. “I Get off” is an obligatory watch every time I find myself here.

  25. I’m with you Beebaby… Love watching them all but “I Get Off” is one of my faves. Lou, you are sooooo talented and we thank you for doing what we wish we all could do! Would love to see a video to “For Your Entertainment” by Adam Lambert…the “bad boy” feeling makes me think of “bad a**” Bill Compton… just an idea. Thanks again! :-)

  26. I’ve been dying for some Fresh Blood in the way of a new “made by Lou” video. And the Gods have heard my plea. Thanks once again Lou for your lovely video gifts that will see us all through till the premier of season 4. More Bill please……

  27. Lou, Thanks for Alice in Chains – The Man in the Box. This video shows the many faces of Bill and highlights what a fine actor Stephen Moyer is. My most heartfelt thanks for your brilliant work. <3

  28. Just became a True Blood Bill/Stephen lover. He and Sookie/Anna are soo wonderful together. All videos are spectacular – wonderful work:)

  29. I just discovered TRUE BLOOD this week. I have watched every second of every episode.  I am going to die waiting for Sunday nights showing of the new season.  I am in love with BILL COMPTON.  I certainly hope TRUE BLOOD will continue for the rest of my life.  I love the videos here and am enjoying watching them tremendously. 

  30. Man Oh Man, what a HOTNESS OVERLOAD this was! 
    Thank you Lynn and Shad for putting all these in one place for us to find them. They have been lost for a while. Thank you to Lou for the ongoing hard work and all the time you spent on these. They are now in one place permanently and we can continue to enjoy them over and over again.
    It’s wonderful to see the images you used, the memories of the first three seasons are so well highlighted with the choices you made and the music added. I got completely lost in Billie Holiday and the season three images. 
    this is a page to bookmark and return to again and again. <3

  31. Badly miss Bill and Sookie…:-(. Let’s just forget about Eric and Sookie for a minute :-). The perfect love story couple is Bill and Sookie..!!!

  32. this show was probably the best prime time soaps ever and I truly enjoyed each character and only wish for more

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