Below is a list of the artists who have been inspired to do Fan Art and have been chosen to be featured here on

  • SMLuvr – SMLuvr has been a member of the Billsbabes for quite awhile and she has done some beautiful banners for the former Yuku forum as well as desktop wallpapers at her site devoted to her True Blood art. We think that her work is among the best in this category and have therefore decided to feature her as our first creator of True Blood creations.
  • Filmchick3 – Filmchick3 been an active contributor to our tumblr page for Stephen Moyer and we have laughed at all her funny and clever submissions
  • Bontemps – Bontemps8 been an active contributor to our Fan Art section on the AllStephenMoyer forum where we have been impressed with her clever submissions, so we think she is a good choice to include as our next member of the Fan Art Creations section.

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