Fan Creations: New True Blood Fan Shows Bill/Stephen Love Through Videos

We have a new True Blood fan who is also a member on the AllStephenMoyer forum. She has done some great new Bill/Stephen videos that I think are very good and worth a look. She is new to the True Blood world but has certainly “come up to speed” pretty quickly. She goes by SportyChick360 on her YouTube Channel and is @BillsProgeny on Twitter. Below are a couple of samples of her work.

Bill and Sookie:

Bill and Jessica:

Bill 1985:


And her latest video about Stephen’s 2007 TV Movie, Empathy is below.  This video can also be found in our Movie & TV Page about Empathy by going here.

There are even more videos.  Go check them out by going to YouTube site at:


  1. Wonderful vids. I am feeling the Bill love, the Bill-Sookie soul mate vibe and the bonding with Jessica. Thanks so much for providing these amazing visuals.

  2. BillsProgeny I just love your video talent and especially its dedication to Bill plus other SM projects. The Bill/Jessica one was extra sweet, it moistened my eyes; Bill’s love for his “progeny” is special. Love your name.

  3. THe Bill/Jessica one was very sweet. I especially like that the music accompaniment wasn’t overly loud like a lot of vid compliations seem to be.

  4. These videos are so good – I really enjoyed them.
    It’s so nice to have a new talented fan show her video art here.
    Thanks, lynn, for posting.
    And thank you, BillsProgeny, for your gorgeous productions!
    Make as many as you wish, there’s no such thing as too much Bill or Stephen!

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