Facing The Atlantic Log Book: Stuck in the Middle of the Atlantic (NOT)

If it was easy to row the Atlantic everybody would do it. These past 2 weeks were particularly hard on Bertie and James.

On December 29 their last oar broke and they have been drifting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean ever since. They are spending most of their time in the hot and airless cabin with the door shut and there is a reason why the door must be shut at all times. On January 2 Patience was hit by a huge wave that caused the boat to roll over once, Bertie and James were inside the cabin when it happened and they remained unharmed. The wave did damage their tracking beacon however so their position can’t be signaled through. The support vessel Aurora has reached them and supplied them with new oars. They are on their way again!

Patience is a virtue, but they are still in high spirits and still in the race. From the 17 boats, 6 have already retired from the race.

Bertie did a radio interview yesterday for Kent BBC, he sums up nicely all the setbacks they’ve had to endure. Listen to it here.

All rights are of the BBC.

The good news is that a total of £350,000 ($540,000) has been raised. We are thrilled to announce that the combined efforts of AllStephenMoyer.com, TrueBlood-Online.com, and SimplyMoyer.com have raised $20,000 so far!

You can make a direct donation to Facing The Atlantic here :

Please note: add the code TB4FTA (True Blood for Facing The Atlantic) to the note of your donation so we can keep track of how much was donated by True Blood / Stephen Moyer fans.


  1. Thanks for providing the videos (I saw the first one yesterday when I visited the journey website, and the second probably here. Just finished listening to the radio interview. Thanks for that as well. I’m so glad Bertie and James are on their way again. I hope they have several sets of new oars. I’m assuming they have a new tracking beacon as well.

    God bless them, and Godspeed. I hope all their problems are behind them now. My admiration for them knows no bounds.

    That’s a fabulous amount of money raised. I’m delighted to read that the combined efforts of AllStephenMoyer, The Vault and SimplyMoyer have raised $20,000 for Facing the Atlantic.

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