Explaining the Hotness of Stephen Moyer in Six Sentences


Reader of this website Wiwa, wrote me an email explaining to me that I somewhat misunderstood this article. She says:

The article you’re quoting is a response to a question posed by a blogger (Natasha) on a different site – My Internet is Where I Want to Touch You:

Choire’s article is a response to this original blogger’s question, posted at the AWL site, the one you sourced. If you read down the comments underneath you will see a response to a comment by Choire – he’s a guy (at least based on his web cam picture) and he IS a fan of True Blood. It’s the blogger who posed the original question (Natasha) who doesn’t watch the show.

She quoted part of Choire’s response, and summarized with it in a way that I thought was quite clever, referring to Stephen’s Bill as “Servicey and Stunning”.
Here’s a link to her blog post referencing Choire’s reply:



So the writer of this article does watch True Blood, but it’s obviously a different True Blood than I watch.


Even though the writer of the following article doesn’t watch True Blood, she hits the nail right on the head. She describes the fans of Bill as “diary-keeping young persons who think that love is a Victorian battle of all-out devotion, suicidal ideation and hyperactive, engineered passion”. I feel like somebody just looked right into my soul and read my most inner thoughts, that description… well… that’s me!….. NOT!

The description of Bill also fails miserable. I couldn’t tell you about Stephen’s high tolerance for alcohol, but the writer of the article must be one of his drinking buddies…. NOT!

Another thing from this weird article that I don’t understand is why having a fantasy or two about Stephen Moyer (or Bill, or any other celeb for that matter) would be disturbing. There is nothing wrong with wetting your appetite and then go home for dinner.


“Explaining the Hotness of Stephen Moyer in Six Sentences” written by Choire

In the wake of the Golden Globes, the Internet has asked: “Explain to me the hotness of this guy in 6 sentences. I do not doubt his attractiveness. But the moisture ratio of lady flowers on the internet about this guy are reaching Draper proportions. THIS INTRIGUES me enough to ask the question but not enough to watch True Blood.” God, six sentences? Okay.

The sexual thing people have for Stephen Moyer (fiance of True Blood co-star Anna Paquin) is disturbing and two-fold. The lesser component of it has to do with himself (as opposed to his character): he is a grown-up, 40-year-old, sweary, craggy East End lad, with a checkered English theater past (RSC, National Theatre of Wales, etc.) and clearly the owner of a high tolerance for alcohol and late nights (as well, he has the allure of a man with children from a former relationship, which is a very particular and niche kind of sexual charisma to a certain kind of (needy) person).

What’s more important to his current (read: on-the-Internet) allure is actually more disturbing: it’s that his character is continually smolderingly angry and resentful, constantly unavailable in times of crisis and yet also eternally courtly—Southern and dignified and retrograde, feeding the slightly sick late-antebellum South fantasies that for misshapen reasons give some other kinds of ladies the sex-frisson. He matches up, actually, to all sorts of sexual devotion fantasies: he brutally kills everyone that threatens his love interest, for one thing; he stands up to the insanely regimental vampire society that also threatens his love interest; he also retains an inherent aura of sexual threat as he could accidentally snap his love interest’s neck at any moment. And the Draper reference is, yes, quite apt: he is broody, secretive, just approaching the far side of appropriate age for young women, and as well he’s remote, not at all prone to oversharing—and these behaviors conspire to create a constant and juvenile hysteria of narrative relationship drama, the kind of drama that inflames the sort of diary-keeping young person who think that love is a Victorian battle of all-out devotion, suicidal ideation and hyperactive, engineered passion (as opposed to, you know, constancy, respect and lack of drama). In short, he would never use Twitter, which is all anyone wants in a man.



  1. Thanks for posting this for discussion. Too early for me to get philosophical, but not too early to appreciate the gorgeous picture.
    This picture is worth the 6 sentences requested as well as the proverbial 1000 words.

    1. I love this site, it is a happy place, but I can’t resist pointing out Choire’s two statements that expose him as an Eric fan:
      “continually …angry and resentful” and “constantly unavailable in times of crisis”
      I’ve had many a frustrating discussion on these arguments over at the HBO board.

      So don’t let what this guy says get to you… just the latest example of a fan trying to make points for their favourite by publicly bashing the actor that plays the opponent.

      1. oops – left off the end of my comment

        …bashing the actor that plays the opponent and mocking that actor’s/character’s fans.

    2. If he’s writting about the character of Bill, he’s really off the mark on the part about him being always unavailable during times of crisis. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s reading the internet rantings of some Eric lovers who can’t accept the fact that TB Bill is always there to help and support Sookie. In fact he risked his life, on several occasions to save her life. So, please, before you blog about a character, on a show, WATCH THE SHOW FIRST.

  2. Strange article….didn’t get it all should it be funny or something?
    Well here is MY six reasons for finding Stephen hot:

    The intelligence
    because he’s smart, making big sucess and still seems so down to earth.

    The humour
    funny, ironic, naughty and so english.

    The charm
    english gentleman and some boyish charms make it.

    The talent
    so much more than just beeing Bill (even if he’s great as Bill) have made it all from psychopat to hero.

    The devotion
    loving father, fiance and animallover- good combination!

    The look
    a mix of boyish cuteness, manly sexiness and just beautiful!

  3. Well said Elshaya. I could not agree more. Here are my 6.

    1. Stephen is handsome.
    2. Stephen has sex appeal.
    3. Stephen fills out a pair of jeans, in the front and back like no one else.
    4. Stephen is funny and witty.
    5. Stephen is tolerant of STUPID questions.
    6. Stephen is a devoted Daddy and gentleman. (This coming from a very fulfilled woman, wife and mother.)

  4. Well said, ladies. Here are my six as posted on the yuku board … I left out charming and an animal lover. I know I could go well beyond six.

    1. He has a beautiful smile.
    2. He has a wonderful sense of humor.
    3. He has a hot bod.
    4. He is witty and intelligent.
    5. He is a devoted father.
    6. He inspires complete and total devotion from his Billsbabes.

    I have to say that the writer’s “diary-keeping young persons” gave me a huge laugh. I’m several decades beyond that. *grin* She needs to watch the show to get some perspective.

    1. hmm I write dairy sometimes (well to be honest a cople of times at the year) and I’m 30 not so young, but still not so old but i think that’s all and doesn’t made me fit in in that description ;)

      1. No worries … things like that happen to me all the time. I chalk it up to the magical spell Stephen casts: typing, spelling and proofing skills simply go out the window.

  5. I need some time to compose my response of Victorian proportions, or was that “Victorian battle of all out devotion”, later.
    Yes, best picture of Bill.

    1. I think maycomb’s response is the best to this silly article but I love the bellow comment from the sourse: We all can agree on that!

      Bittersweet [#765]
      I don’t think you need six sentences to explain Moyer’s hotness, Choire. Just that ridiculously sexy photo.

  6. This is one of those completely useless gossip-page-filler articles that’s probably fun to write–“let’s see how snarky I can be writing about something I have no stake in whatsoever”. So the writer seems to be saying that they (he? she? it?) DON’T watch “True Blood” and DON’T find Stephen Moyer attractive, but will explain why people do by belittling both them AND him with every tool available in their meager intellectual arsenal. The result is that they get Bill’s character all wrong, get Stephen’s fans all wrong, and seem to have gained their vast knowledge of Stephen Moyer by spending 4 or 5 minutes on Wikipedia. I sincerely hope this person doesn’t get paid for drivel like this, because if they do, the terrorists have won.

    That IS a really nice picture, though.

    1. That is one of my favorite shots of Bill, too, from the “make-up sex” scene–very HOT! What do I like about Stephen? Many of the above comments fit–his naughty English sense of humor, his groundedness, his obvious devotion to his kids; so many reasons. My first exposure to him was as Sam, in the Starter Wife. After watching several of his scenes–saving Molly, kissing her on the beach, etc., I just remember thinking, “I don’t know who he is, but that is ONE FINE-LOOKING MAN.” I couldn’t quite believe it when I realized that was who was playing this dark, smolderingly sexy Southern vampire. (Though obviously not a stretch for someone with Stephen’s acting chops.)

  7. This article really makes me think that I should be a journalist….I mean now that I now that how bad I even write there is always somebody who do it worse ;)

  8. Someone needs to tell the writer that there is nothing disturbing about the sexual allure of one Stephen Moyer.

    I’ll take a stab:

    1. He’s hot.
    2. He’s funny as hell.
    3. He’s a good actor.
    4. His accent is sexy.
    5. He’s charming and down to earth.
    6. He’s a good Daddy.

  9. Here’s my list:
    1. He is a gentleman.
    2. He is classically handsome.
    3. He is funny and personable.
    4. He is a loving father and finance.
    5. He is kind and patient.
    6. He is well dressed.
    7. He has the most beautiful, expressive eyes, to match the
    beauty of his soul!

  10. I am new to this site and have never posted a comment but something said in this article has made me so angry that I just had to respond. What does the fact that Stephen comes from the East End have anything at all to do with him as an actor or a human being? Why is his acting career referred to as “checkered”? He has worked continually for over fifteen years. Does one have to perform at the Old Vic and win an Academy Award to be considered a real actor with an unblemished record? The writer also seems to imply that because he is from the East End he doesn’t deserve our admiration. I wasn’t aware that being born to wealth was a requirement to being a good person and having a successful career. Critiquing Stephen’s performances is one thing but implying that he doesn’t deserve his recent success because of where he comes from or some of the roles he’s taken is another entirely. Sorry for this rant but some of these writer’s remarks were uncalled for.

    1. Good for you, Adele, give ’em hell! (I didn’t mean to rhyme, but you forced me! ;-)). I think most of us got annoyed with this writer and their condescending attitude. They clearly just set out to knock Stephen and his fans, seemingly for their own pleasure or because they’re too cool for school, or whatever. If nothing else, it got you to post for the first time, got everyone thinking about Stephen’s many attributes (’cause who would’ve thought about that otherwise?–hahahahahahaha), got some blood boiling, some keyboards rattling, and was actually a bit cathartic in the end. Whew, defending Stephen from arrogant and inane bloggers is exhausting. ;-D

  11. I’m not sure what in the world the person who wrote the statement above was really trying to say and I don’t agree with most of it and what do they know about him, obviously very little. So, I just couldn’t resist writing my own list of six, as follows:

    1.Stephen is incredibly personable and real – I love his natural manner and charm.
    2.Stephen is incredibly sexy – he intuitively knows how to charm anyone he is speaking to making them immediately at ease.
    3.He always seems to want to do the right thing – he has expressed before that there are things he regrets from his past. I’m not sure what they could be because he seems perfect to me. So, maybe if he has regrets it’s not because he didn’t have the “best intentions” and just didn’t accomplish what he wanted.
    4.He seems to have respect for everyone – it’s so apparent that he is a considerate and kind person.
    5.He loves his family, Anna and especially, his children. To be a good father from 3000 miles away must be difficult, but Stephen seems to have his priorities in order and its evident that his kids are important to him. He also shows tremendous affection and devotion to Anna. Wow!
    6.He is a great actor! I have seen everything I can that he has done on film and I just can’t get over how diverse his roles have been. However, they all seem to have one similar theme, that of a “flawed man”. It’s interesting really since I don’t see any flaws in Stephen Moyer.

  12. As a gal who sees herself as pretty centered (if not somewhat of a control freak), I have to say that having this uncontrollable crush on Stephen Moyer at this stage of my life (I am a grown woman in her mid 30’s) has had me wondering the same thing.

    But, after much soul searching, and body ogling, I’ve come to realize that some things just cannot be described or quantified. They are simply to be enjoyed. So, regardless of the opinions that the author of this article may hold, or the assumptions they may choose to make about Stephen…I just would like to thank you Stephen, for letting me just enjoy watching you being you in all of your UNDENIABLE, SEXY HOTNESS over the last few years, and I hope to continue in what has become my favorite past time (see the definition of MOYERISM in the urban dictionary) for MANY more years to come!

  13. Stephen is smart, funny, handsome, talented, nice, fun, charming, and seems to love his family. I know that’s more than 6. :) I like to be a fan of Stephen’s because it’s fun! I don’t know why people do that. The person who wrote that article has no clue what they are talking about. Stephen you are a wonderful person! If someone tells you different they are not worth the time of day.

    1. Whoops. I was editing the article before I clicked submit and I left the sentence ‘I don’t know why people do that in there’ because I orignally said it sounded like he was judging Stephen by his character of Bill and I don’t know why people do that when it’s a character, but I changed what I said. I don’t know why lol. Anyway I forgot to take that sentence out. BTW, I think Stephen has given a lot of soul and heart to Bill. Anyway this whole dang article has me confused lol. Very hard to write what I want to say because I just don’t understand what the person is trying to say. I think we can all agree that Stephen just freaking rocks!

      1. I know! I’m having a hard time typing and trying to say what I want to say because of that wonderful picture that went along with the article! Yeah, that’s totally why.;)

  14. Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) and Jon Hamm (Don Draper) are both excellent actors and good-looking men (men not boys and not manboys) who seem like down-to-earth celebrities who treat their loves ones and fans with respect when they are in the public eye. There are many reasons why women and men admire, love or lust after an actor or celebrity. A love of pop culture can be channeled into academic studies (remember the college courses on Madonna?) or fansites or one’s own private pleasure. The above piece/blog/article, whatever it is, seems to favor a pop psychology angle that is condescending to the fans and focused on knocking Stephen Moyer down a peg. The question is, why?

    1. DeemeK, the why is because they haven’t experience the same feelings of rapture just seeing that picture of Bill/Stephen or have not fallen hard yet as we have for some celebrity. Human nature in some brings out a jealous mean streak that lashes out and tears down others enjoyment or as wiwa said she/he/it are dishonest and just an Eric fan.

  15. I have a low tolerance for this type of inane babbling. It is incoherent and incorrect with a blatant biased slant. If you have to explain the obvious appeal of Stephen/Bill in six or six thousand sentences this person would not be able to grasp it. It seems they can’t even distinquish between Stephen and the character he portrays.

    Nice list ladies and I concur with y’all. No need to repeat what you have listed so I will add that Stephen is much more than a pretty face and brings a lot of joy to a lot of women.

  16. I agree with all of you. Even as a teen, I never had a “star crush” as big as I do as a 45-yr old wife and mom on our dear Stephen. Not only is he incredibly sexy, he is a kind, thoughtful man. He is a devoted family man to his children and Anna. I can’t add to what you all of had said any further, so I will stop. LOL! Also, I love the photo.

  17. OK , here’s my six in no particular order-

    1. Stephen is HOT, HOT,HOT
    2. Stephen has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen.
    3. Stephen has great charm, wit, and humour.
    4. Stephen is very gracious to his fans ( and Babes)!
    5. Stephen is a cool Dad.
    6. Stephen is a talented actor, singer, and dancer!

  18. I’m embarrassed. You guys have been so lofty and erudite; my thoughts…not so much. So here are my 6:

    1) He has sideburns. (see: Bill Compton & Quills)
    2) He has glorious chest hair. (see: “who said anything about sex”)
    3) He has a mischievous sparkle in his eyes. (see: “as am I”)
    4) Nobody, no-body wears a henley like him (see: “my magic is just a little different than yours”)
    5) Have you seen those fingers?
    6) Pecs, heiney, shoulders (see: picture above)

  19. This author needs to lay off the thesaurus and worry about his bad grammar. (Seriously, don’t make me get my red pen out. I’m not nice when I’m grading grammar!)

    I hereby give this author the “Equivocator of the Year Award”. If he doesn’t know what that it, he can look it up in his thesaurus.

  20. OK, six physical reasons to love SM: (and thanks for the picture)
    Those hands !
    Those eyes !
    Those shoulders !
    That chiseled face !
    That mouth !
    That cute bum
    Six non-physical reasons to love SM:
    That sense of humor !
    That intelligence !
    That politeness !
    That confidence !
    That talent !
    That sexy, sexiness !

  21. Reading the above said posted article makes me wonder at the anger and unhappiness of the unfortunate author who feels it necessary to attack an amazing actor who just happens to be playing an amazing character.

    For all we have seen and all we have learned about this wonderful man, it truly is disconcerting that someone would try to find an use anything negative to say no matter if it is a personal opinion based on no fact whatsoever. Therefore this article should be given the attention it deserves which is none at all.

    As to my sentences about Stephen and Bill (and there will be more than 6):

    He brings me back to life with a smoldering look
    He brings me back to life with a gentle touch
    He brings me back to life with a sexy smile
    He brings me back to life with a whispered word
    He brings me back to life with a sweet hot kiss
    He brings me back to life with his pure raw sex appeal
    He brings me back to life when I see his devoted love
    He brings me back to life with a glimpse of his beautiful body
    He brings me back to life with the sight of him and his family
    He brings me back to life with every film, tv, interview I have seen
    He brings me back to life with the knowledge that he is a wonderful man and an actor to be reckoned with!

    And that still does not say it all!

    So to the infortunate author…….Your sad words fall on deaf ears!

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