Exclusive video of Stephen Moyer in the Celebrity Compound

Even if I wasn’t a die-hard fan, I have to say that after getting to know Stephen Moyer I can’t say anything else other than I think he is really an amazing person. Even though having worked on the True Blood set all night with no sleep, he handled what was, in my opinion, an almost impossible task on Friday when he qualified for pole position in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix.

Celebrity compoundI was privileged to have been granted full access to the Celebrity Compound on Friday by Toyota Racing.  This meant that I was there during the practice and qualifications for race position and able to spend the day following Stephen around as he prepared for the trials.  I was essentially his shadow for the day and will write more about my experience in a future post.

Steve was kind enough to spend a few minutes to answer a some questions for the fans for me.

In the video, he answers the burning question about how Bill Compton would do in this race, talks a bit about his plans for the hiatus (without really telling me anything specific) and about the fabulous photo shoot in Bullett Magazine which was photographed by Kurt Iswarienko. I told him how much the fans love that photo shoot and  Steve told me not that only does it reveal some things about his past, but that Kurt was chosen to shoot the True Blood promo posters for Season 4, so we are expecting that they will be awesome!


  1. Lynn, I went to click on the video and got the words “This video is private.” That’s all.

    We’re delighted you could be Stephen’s shadow on Friday. Big thanks to Toyota for making your compound presence possible, and to Stephen for sharing his time so generously. Looking forward to the interview. I’ll check back later to see if the status of the video has changed.

  2. Superb interview Lynn, massive thanks to Stephen for talking to us like this, brilliant answer to the last question! We all hope you get lots of sleep after all the excitement of the weekend. I totally loved the Bullet photos, great to hear it was as much fun as it looked and can’t wait to see the posters if they are as good as those pictures. Hope at least some of the projects work out for you this year.

  3. Reply to all. Sorry, in my excitement to get it online, I forgot to change it to “public” view. You all should see it fine now.

  4. Your one one great interviewer, Lynn! And Steve is really comfortable talking to you.

    Very excited to hear Kurt is doing the poster for the upcoming season. He and Steve did wonders with the Bullet spread. Lets hope the hiatus projects come through. He still seems upset that Big Valley fell through(and rightly so). Just goes to show you that Hollwyweird is one weird business.

  5. Lovely interview and does life get any better than being Stephen’s shadow for the day? Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. great job Lynn! I hope he gets some good projects during hiatus, and I so loved seeing him get his glam on during the Bullett photo shoot. Thanks again for everything!

  7. A sweetheart at always. I must say he’s looks very good for not getting much sleep. Bless he heart. Thanks so much for vid Lynn.

  8. Thanks Lynn for the great video! He is such a doll! I don’t know how
    you can have that calm composure while standing so close to Stephen!

    1. I will tell you what i would done. Him ” Hi, My name is Stephen. What is yours, Love?” Me ” I I I (thud). Seriously I would love to meet him and can not wait to see him in season 4. Gotta love him. We love you Stephen and take a nap by wifey. We look forward to 4 and God’s blessings as always.
      Love fbforbill aka cindyloo.

    1. It’s not just you Vessy. I didn’t think it was possible but Stephen is so sweet!
      Thanks to Lynn for feeding my Stephen Moyer addiction. lol

      1. It’s too good, nope, no way, it will be like a stamp to the rest of life. Ahh, can’t wait for the next injection of pics, vids, news, etc, it is never enough-bring it on!!!

  9. Oh, and BTW, HE IS SO FREAKING SEXY I can barely stop watching the video over and over – lucky you, Lynn! Whew!

    1. I totally agree, Cherie. I say Owooo Woof!! so much people are goimg to think my dog is blogging. Stop it, Sookah!! Yes her nickname is Sookie he real name is Maya. I adopted her. 1/2 Blue healer and 1/2 corgy. I digress. He is do wonderful I painted over 50 paintings of him.
      God bless that 5’9″, dark-haired, blue-eyed, muscled vamp stud.

  10. Let me just say Stephen really revs my motor up. I agree my Bill would kick ass on the race track just as Stephen did to win the big prize money.
    Good thinking Stephen to not commit to any project while on hiatus unless it is a sure thing. We are still ticked off about the Big Valley film.
    Close those beautiful blue eyes and get some rest.

    Lynn you did a great job as always. The Gods are smiling down on you girl.
    Thanks to Toyota for giving you full access and to Stephen for taking time to speak to us.

  11. Thanks Lynn. Excellent interview with the always adorable Stephen. How lucky you were to be able to spend the day with him.

  12. excellent interview. you are quickly making your way up that ‘luckiest girl ever’ list.

    interesting but cryptic phrase about the bullett photoshoot ‘it revealed a little bit about myself from my past…’. i remember seeing pics of steve in a fur coat in London while yuku was still up.

    i think we’ll all have fingers and toes crossed for him during this hiatus. with his new racing cred, who wouldn’t want him as an action star?

  13. Thanks so much, Lynn. You are the best. I hope Stephen gets the sleep he is craving when hiatus rolls around. Or sooner. Definitely sooner. As for his other gigs … he hinted at some promising things. Sure hope they materialize.

    Lynn, you are our eyes and ears when it comes to Stephen. We appreciate your efforts on our behalf, and Stephen’s generosity in giving of his time. Delightful interview.

  14. Lynn, you are becoming quite the interviewer! :-) That was delightful & you & Stephen seem to have a nice rapport with each other. Naturally he was as charming as ever.
    Looking forward to the season 4 promos now & of course I’m anxious to hear what pans out for Stephen in the off season.
    What a fabulous few days you spent Lynn & how wonderful for the babes that they can live vicariously through you!

  15. As always, “He is wonderful!” by Sookie. I hope all his plans pan out. I am so looking forward to Priest in May. I also, like all of us, can wait till June. No matter if he with Sookie or not I will always love him and he is always my fave. “Oh Beehl!”

  16. Fabulous interview, Lynn! I’m really excited to see the season 4 promo posters now that we know such a talented guy shot them – if they’re half as good as Stephen’s Bullett spread we’re in for a treat.

    Sounds like Stephen has lots of irons in the fire for the hiatus, and I can only hope that the best of the projects come to fruition and Stephen is able to be a part of them. Best of luck to him on that sleep thing – no one deserves some rest more.

  17. Fantastic interview Lynn, thanks so much for this scoop!

    I hope Stephen’s haitus projects come to fruition.

    Looking forward to seeing Kurt Iswarienko’s TB shoot!

  18. Lynn, you start to get really professional …
    It is always a pleasure to listen to Stephen’s interview .. he seemed very relaxed and spontaneous.

  19. Lynn, great interview! He’s so sexy and funny. You and Stephen chat like old friends. His photos in Bullett were beautiful and I’m anxiously awaiting the S4 posters. I saw for the first time last night an advertisement on tv for Priest, oh AND Invitation To the Set and the HBO promos – AMAZING! I’m Obsessed…

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