Exclusive Video: Stephen Moyer accepts PEOPLE Pole Award

After yesterday’s very exciting qualifying race at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, in which he secured the pole position, Stephen Moyer accepted the PEOPLE Pole Award. This Award comes with a $15,000 check from PEOPLE as a donation of Stephen’s charity of choice.

PEOPLE Pole Award

There is a little confusion about which organization the check actually goes to. Stephen’s charity of choice is Facing The Atlantic, but on the check, it says Racing For Kids. We are investigating.

In his acceptance speech, Stephen explains how his crash towards the end of the qualifying race was all tactic and that it wasn’t as smooth as a roller coaster ride.

Check out the photos in our Photo Gallery.

The video was shot by Lynnpd who was at the celebrity compound.


  1. Thank you, Shad and Lynn. Lynn, we are so fortunate to have you in the compound to be our eyes and ears. Great vid. A wonderful (but harrowing) win for Stephen. I, too, wondered about the Racing for Kids on the check. I’m sure everything will be cleared up since Stephen’s charity is Facing the Atlantic.

    What a delightful way to start my Saturday … plenty of gallery photos and this lovely video. And a great sense of relief that Stephen is all right.

  2. Lynn you have done a wonderful job as our ace reporter and Shad getting the news to us so fast. Thanks ladies. It’s a great video of Stephen accepting his award and check. I am sure they will clear up any confusion about where the monies go.

  3. Stephen is such a gracious winner.He is the best!! Good luck today and please…no more flips!
    Thanks for all your hard work Shad and Lynn.

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