Exclusive: Kristin Bauer’s painting of Stephen Moyer revealed

Kristin Bauer van Straten is not only a talented actress and passionate animal rights advocate, she is also a very skilled artist with brush and paint, especially known for her portraits and flower compositions.

Previously she drew a portrait of her colleague Alexander Skarsgård and sold the original and prints for charity. Earlier this year we announced that Kristin would do a portrait of Stephen Moyer next and today is the day that we have the honor to reveal this amazing piece of art to the world.

Kristin has been extremely busy working on her anti-poaching documentary Out for Africa that she shot this summer in Kenya. Editing the film, raising funds and shooting a pilot have kept her busy around the clock, but working through the night she managed to finish the Stephen portrait in time for a Holiday December sale. All proceeds of the portrait will go towards Out for Africa and the survival of the African elephant and rhino.

In collaboration with Kristin Bauer van Straten, The Vault and AllStephenMoyer.com proudly present “Bill Compton in Merlotte’s”, oil on canvas.

The portrait will be auctioned off on eBay next week, so stay tuned for the exact date.


  1. Kristin has captured Bill’s first appearance at Merlotte’s so beautifully.  The texture of his jacket, his lovely hands, his tousled  hair, and, of course, his brooding gaze, causing Sookie to forget all else, as she was inexplicably drawn to him. .An iconic moment, for them, and for us!

  2. I’m so “chuffed” that she chose to paint the iconic image of Vampire Bill…the shot where we first met him.  I had the photo on my computer at work and needed IT help.  So the IT guy comes to fix it and sees my desktop wallpaper.  I asked “do you know who that is?”  He says, sure that’s Vampire Bill…we bonded and have discussed TB series ever since.

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