Exclusive Photos Of Stephen Moyer from Upcoming episodes of “Jan”

Below are three photos of Stephen Moyer from upcoming episodes of his new film from WIGS called, Jan!

We’ve aleady seen the awesome photo of Stephen sitting in the chair while being photographed. It was first seen in the trailer for the series, but below is a larger version. This photo, and the two photos below it are from episodes yet released and have been exclusively sent to us by WIGS to pass on to the AllStephenMoyer Fans to enjoy, and we know you will!

Thanks to WIGS.


  1. Thank you WIGS, Lynn and Shad! Mmmm Stephen looks positively edible in these photos. Can’t wait for Episode 6. Thanks again for the treat.

  2. oh thank you!  now we have the January, February and March pictures for the new Stephen Moyer calendar!  This series is providing some of the best views of Stephen Moyer I have ever seen. Please keep them coming.

  3. Stephen in a grey tank t-shirt – o o o o o o o baby!
    I’m lovin’ it, you’re making my day! (and night…)

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