EW 2009 Best and Worst List – True Blood Best Series of the Year

EW 2009 Best and Worst EW 2009 Best and Worst¬†list for 2009 has just come out. Entertainment Weekly has just come out with their 2009 Best and Worst edition and True Blood is featured in the magazine, and quite favorably. They list True Blood as “Best Series of the Year” and the cast has been voted #2 in their list of “Entertainers of the Year”.

As the story begins by Ken Tucker, he says, “What a deep pleasure it is when a show that I admire greatly dovetails into a fan-favorite phenomenon: True Blood this season was popular culture working masterfully on all levels.” Well, we couldn’t agree more.

Congratulations again to True Blood!

True Blood. Click on the images to see the larger version and read the article.

Thanks to Billsbabe, ThelLou for providing us with the scans.

EW 2009 Best and Worst EW 2009 Best and Worst
EW 2009 Best and Worst EW 2009 Best and Worst



  1. Thanks for posting this, and thanks for the scans Lou. Love the quote from Stephen. Me and Alex . . . He probably said that in his Essex boy voice and not his posh voice. I just love love love that picture of Stephen carrying Anna.

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