Episode 9 of ‘Jan’ and Stephen Moyer in Behind the scenes video

Again no Stephen Moyer in this new episode but he talks about Gery in the Behind the scenes video and admits he sees elements of himself in Gery.

“Jan”: Episode 9 of 15 — “Last Stop”:
Robbie shows up and now Jan’s life turns upside down.

behind the scenes

Behind the scenes with Stephen Moyer and Caitlin Gerard.

source: Wigs on YouTube.


  1. Poor Jan.  Robbie is really working her right now.  She needs to dial 1-800-G-e-r-y!
    Actually, I know that she has the stuff to break this bad habit on her own.  our own little chrysalis!
    This is a very good series.  The characters are so well-written they feel like old friends.
    Lovely interview with Stephen in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ clip.  I do so wonder which of Gery’s habits are his.
    hmmm…  I also took a gander at the Serena series.  very impressive faces.

    1.  @mybabybill
       I got the impression fromb what the actress was saying that the shower stuff was him. Anyone else get that impression?

  2. First of all, I so appreciate the BTS with Stephen.  And yes, Gery-Stephen is very lovable.    No Gery in 9.  Doggone!  Still it was an interesting episode.  Robbie is so needy.  He’s bright, intuitive, but flawed.  I hope his having no place to go and making Jan his last stop doesn’t wear her down and convince her to take him back.  No, no, no!  Is he going to steal the camera, or maybe break it?  And what about the apartment key that Jan left in plain sight … I can see Robbie slipping it back into his pocket.

  3. Awesome BTS.  Stephen is terrific and yes, we know it’s like you Steve, LOL!  I know that Robbie is going to steal that camera, I knew it the second she put it on her desk just before he was let in.  Yikes!

  4. I had a fleeting thought that Robbie might delete Jan’s photos.  However, he recognizes her talent and creativity, so I think the photos are safe.  He certainly helped himself to her computer, opening it without asking permission.  He is a very loose cannon.  

  5. The behind-the-scenes video was way too much fun to watch. Stephen was adorable talking about how aspects of Gery are him. Quite loveable, indeed!

  6. Loved the BTS vid! Gery is surely a bit of Steve, and I’d love to know the other inspirations. And the “shower” clips cracked me up – hopefully we’ll see one of Gery’s infamous showers before this series is done…

    1.  @ThelLou
      drop the towel! drop the towel! drop the towel! drop the towel! drop the towel! drop the towel!

  7. You just know Robbie is going ot steal that camera and sell it for drug $$$. *sigh* why oh why do people allow these types to keep manipulating them? Of course she’s the last stop, he’s eff’ed up every other relationship he has and all the smart people have given him the boot so he’ll either clean up or die, which is going to happen anyway. The guy playing Robbie is doing a good job, though. I’ve known people like this. He’s really hitting all the guilt buttons well.
    Loved the behind the scenes too. Stephen with his glasses is always a treat! LOL!
    Love the way he says “flirt” *giggle*

  8. This episode was pretty darn good, even without Stephen – which is saying something!
    Yes, Robbie is most likely going to steal the camera, and then Jan will be left with telling Gery.
    The co-dependent role is a lousy one to take on.  I hope she can bid adieu to the manipulating f*cktard.
    BTS – just adorable.  Stephen admitting a little sheepishly that he sees some of himself in Gerald, then quickly adding that there are a couple of other actors in him also – Love it!    I have no doubt that Mr. Moyer is a flirt – probably a world champion flirt.  Good for him!  There isn’t enough harmless flirting in this world!

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