Episode 8 of ‘Jan’ released

In episode 8 it turns out the Jan’s boss Mel does have a heart and she warns Jan for the “professional charmer” that is Gery. But no sign of the man himself, but he is bound to show up sooner or later.

Episode 8

“Jan”: Episode 8 of 15 — “Dunce”:

Jan, sleep deprived, takes two steps forward and one step back with Mel in their next shoot.


  1. Epi 8 does advance the story.  I was pleased to see a softer, more understanding side to Mel.  However, I’m missing Gery big time.  I hope he returns in Monday’s episode.

  2. Mel seems to be a litte more human in this episode although things don’t bode well for Jan if sticks with the old boyfriend, he one troubled individual.
    And is Mel being kind warning her about Gery or is there something more to it.
    Moving along with the story but can’t wait for Gery to come back to get his Leica.

  3. i havent watched the epi yet, but i read the description.  what?  no Gery?  again?  what a jip. (no offense to my Gypsy brothers and sisters).
    i will watch. as a fan . but i am crying inside because there is no Stephen.

  4. Gerald’s on location?   I hope he returns soon!
    This was better than epi 7, IMO.  At least Mel and Jan had some interaction. 
    Interesting that Mel warned Jan about Gerald being a “professional charmer” – he surely is!
    Still wondering if there is any history between Mel and Gerald.
    OK, epi 9, bring Gery back….

    1.  @iamtrue2bill 
      I too am wondering if there is some history with Gery and Mel. Wonder if he charmed her and things went sour or something. Hmmm.

  5. I’m Gery-addicted…I miss seeing the “professional charmer” but this episode was still interesting with the Mel and Jan interaction.   Hurry back Gery!

  6. Mel is an interesting character in her own right.  every contact with Jan is a combined sparring session/pep talk.  Mel has capital-i-issues, man.  but we women who work know where all of that baggage comes from.

    1.  @mybabybill
       Professional women often ‘eat their young’, and I think maybe Mel is teetering between really admiring the talent Jan has, and thinking  that she may be a threat to her career.
      Any career related to the entertainment industry has to be tough – it’s so minute-to-minute, and things change so quickly.  One minute your the hottest commodity, and the next, your yesterday’s news.  Mel is most likely in defense mode.

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