Episode 7 of ‘Jan’: Here comes the ex

Already halfway into the series with episode 7 of 15 of  ‘Jan’ that was released today. Sorry Moyerists, but no Moyer in this episode, but we finally get to meet the “ex”…. strapped to a hospital bed.

“Jan”: Episode 7 of 15 — “Robbie (EX)”:

Jan’s past catches up to her in the form of her ex-boyfriend, Robbie (Kyle Gallner).


  1. I kept waiting for Gery to show up in some fashion.  But it was not to be.  However, Robbie has been mentioned enough times that we needed to meet him.  I feel for him … a very troubled young man.  However, I hope Jan tries to distance herself.  He’s so very needy.  A return to a boy friend-girl friend relationship would be unhealthy for both of them.

  2. Maybe she will run to Gery for support?  And I am just asking, why aren’t these episodes longer?  Are they only supposed to be 8-10 minutes long?  What’s the point?  It just makes me want MORE!!!  Just like True Blood!!!  UGH!!!

  3. No steve in this one? ah, tgat was the reaso ep 6 was so sexy! lol. well, will still watch it later.

  4. ok. so that’s Robbie. i guess we now have some idea why he’s The Ex.
    I feel for him, but i still want him to step off and let Gery step to Jan for a minute.
    well, we’ll just see… 

  5. Jan, run from Robbie, RUN!!!
    Gery’s obsession with showers is really tame next to this guy’s issues.

  6. Not to be critical of this new character .  But….. seriously?
    This puffy-faced, pale, sweaty, needy, restrained, drug OD’d, emotionally unstable EX boyfriend takes up practically the whole 7-8 minutes manipulating Jan into feeling guilty and sympathetic. Ooooooh Nooooo!
    Call me hard-hearted.  Call me unsympathetic.   I want Gerald back!   Quickly!

    1.  @iamtrue2bill
       i know, but don’t you think that Jan is going to be just a little co-dependent before she finally runs away screaming?

      1.  @mybabybill
         Oh yes, I do.  I just hope Gerald shows up again to remind her that she can make the choice to be truly independent.

  7. Okay, it looks like everyone is a little cranky since stephen wasn’t in this eppy, but the actor playing Robbie was pretty good I thought. He didn’t overplay his character too much, first going on how much he missed her and how great it was to see her , THEN he’s trying to get her to undo his restraints.
    I thought it was intersting that she didn’t even ask him about the OD or anything> maybe this isn’t hte first time they’ve been in this position.

    1. That’s why I was careful to say “character” and not “actor” – I’m not disparaging the actor.  It’s the character that I don’t like.  That manipulating, co-dependent passive-aggressive type – Bleh!
      I expect this isn’t the first time for this scenario.  She asked him.”Did you stop taking your meds?” Oh yeah, this is a repeat performance on Robbie’s part.
      It’s nice of you to put in a good word for the character, cat.   I’m pining for Gerald, that’s all.LOL!

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