Episode 5.08 Recap “Somebody That I Used To Know”

Below is a video recap of this week’s True Blood episode 5.08 showing us the highlights that happened.

This was the first episode directed by our favorite, Stephen Moyer. It was full of change and what will happen to humans in the upcoming episodes if vampires are forced to feed on them? Watch the recap below:



  1. Hip Hip Hooray!  Congratulations to Stephen Moyer on a superb job at directing episode 5:08!
    What an action-packed, fast moving, and interesting episode.  I couldn’t believe it when it was over – it went so fast!   It was probably the best episode this season – really great! 
    And so many special effects to deal with!  The seance, Bill’s flashback, the dream sequence of Sookie’s parents’ murder – all so well done!  Sam Trammell as Luna as Sam Merlotte – unbelievable!  Sam’s just the best!
    All in all, an A+ for Stephen – as Mark Hudis said – As a director, he’s a natural!

  2. Bill’s evolving. Sam T was amazing as Luna skin walking as himself. Lafayette doing the medium thing with some devastating results. Sookie as her mother and the vampire who killed her parents (thanks to some assistance from Claude and his sisters). Jessica escaping the true death. The friendly face Hoyt meets puts a gun to his head. And Tara now has her very own human slave, courtesy of Pam. Lots to digest in this episode. Kudos to Stephen for a directing job well done.

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