Review: Episode 1.07 “eXtreme Measures” Reed becomes a father first

The Strucker family has moved quickly from being an average a family living in suburbia to a family now on the run. In this episode, we also learned more about Reed’s family name, which is really Von Strucker, but more importantly we learn he is a father first.

Now, that the family is in hiding they still manage to find a way to spend more time together and getting to know each other which gave us a chance to see the development of more individual story lines and relationships. While this was a welcome change for me, I doubt it will last long because there is real danger heading their way in the next episode with what Sentinel Services has in store.

father first

As the episode begins we see Reed scouring the data that he retrieved from Baton Rouge. And, we learn that Reed may be even more tied to their enemies then he’d like as he discovered that his father worked for the company (Trask Industries) that is making the new altered mutants. We’ve seen the promo for next week’s episode and know that we’ll learn even more about his family ties to the “other side” then. The Strucker name has a dark heritage in the comic books, see our recent post about the Von Struckers. Let’s hope that Reed’s helping the mutants might redeem the name.

During his investigations of the data they collected from last week, he learns something that troubles him about Wes. It seems that he was with a gang of thugs who were stealing and they used him for his powers. As a prosecutor Reed feels he must investigate to be sure that it’s safe for his daughter to be associated with him. Luckily, he first goes to Caitlin who points out that while the report may be true, its important to protect his daughter; in other words, he needs to start being a father first. The couple together tell their daughter about Wes’s past, but Lauren isn’t very happy about it and rebels.

Reed decides that he should talk to Wes, but but as a father and a mentor. He decides the best thing to do is to give Wes sound advice and leave it up to the him to make his own decision concerning what he should do. Thankfully Wes proved himself and confessed to the others what he had done in his past. Unfortunately, as a punishment he is being sent to another mutant stronghold, which means Lauren has to say good bye to him, at least for now. Nonetheless, Reed performed perfectly by letting Wes come to his own conclusions and do the right thing. Alternatively, if Reed had instead attacked him, he would have probably alienated Lauren further, and possibly his entire family. Good for you, Reed!

While this episode was a real change of pace for the show, I thought it was welcome! I’m sure there will be more action in future episodes, but this episode proved to me that this show is more about family than it is about super-heroes. Very refreshing concept, in my opinion.

Reed and Caitlyn are doing all they can to give their children some sense of normalcy and the dinners they have together highlight that. It shows how they are doing all they can to find some sort of normalcy and to remain a family unit. Reed was somewhat of an absent father in the household; so it’s good to see that there’s a positive outcome after what they’ve gone through. And, it’s pretty obvious that the family is closer then they have ever been.

In the next episode, we learn more about Reed’s extended family and I’m excited to learn more about the Von Struckers, what about you?

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  1. I was glad to see Reed take Caitlyn’s advice and talk to Lauren first about what he discovered concerning Wes. And he definitely did the right thing in telling Wes what he had found out, and giving the young man the opportunity to take the matter into his own hands.

    While I am not one for dragging out story lines, it seems to me that the Wes discovery and its resolution happened awfully fast; the same for the Marcos-Carmen story. Of course, now he has to deal with Lorna’s anger at his return to working for the cartel (she doesn’t seem to buy his explanation of why he did it). And Clarise’s return to the fold was awfully quick. Don’t know why these things bother me, but they do. It seems like the individual stories were rushed to reach a conclusion.

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