Did Bill & Sookie produce Stephen & Anna?

Vanity Fair has just published a list of their fourteen On-screen Moments that were So Romantic They Produced Real-World Couples. As one of their couples, they list Stephen and Anna as “Bill & Sookie.”


There’s something magical about an on-screen kiss you know has real-world “oomph” behind it. Any great actor worth their salt can generate chemistry with the right partner, but there’s an extra level of “excitement when we, the viewer, know that there’s a bleed between the romantic fantasy and reality. 


Below is what they had to say about Stephen and Anna as Bill & Sookie:

True Blood—Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: Seven seasons, one wedding, and a pair of twins later, these two on-screen lovebirds are still going strong. Paquin’s character had a number of romantic partners during the long run of this HBO guilty pleasure, including Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsgård. But no matter how heated the later seasons got (and they got pretty heated), nothing matched the pure allure of Bill and Sookie falling in love and lust in Season 1.

Steve and Anna had kept their relationship secret for the first two seasons of True Blood not wanting it to “get in the way” of the show’s success. However, there was no mistaking the chemistry they portrayed on the screen as Bill and Sookie and we all kinda “knew” anyway (wink, wink).

We wish them much love and continued happiness in their relationship and family life!

source: vanityfair.com


  1. Oh the chemistry between these two is what hooked me on the show.. I loved the first three seasons, but then I was waiting and waiting for them to get back together. So glad they did at the end ..

  2. Stephen was never married before and he and Lorien Haynes had split up before he even did the audition tape that he sent to Alan Ball.

  3. Such wonderful chemistry.  Even when Bill and Sookie were no longer a couple, I always enjoyed their scenes together.   There scenes in season 7 were wonderful, even if not what I wanted to happen.   Fantastic chemistry to the end.

  4. How lovely to revisit those early scenes with these pictures.  I really didn’t know anything other than that they were awfully good together.  There were all kinds of “wow” moments for me.  And then I learned they were a real life couple.  Awesome!  Wishing them and their family continued happiness.

  5. They literally burned the TV down with their chemistry
    Later when they came out as a couple you realized you watched them fall in love and what’s even better is they are still together .

  6. When two people are Beshert there is nothing & no one that can break the energy they produce together. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. Stephen & Anna are Beshert.

  7. True Blood was the best series ever. Miss it. Wish they would all get together for a reunion or movie.” True Blood the Movie”. The story continues.

  8. In the beginning I loved TB just for itself but what made the show my all time favorite was its hot couple, Bill & Sookie and the rumored true life relationship of Anna & Stephen hinted at in interviews, an early paparazzi shot, and seemingly confirmed with the kiss and hug at the Golden Globes. Love is beautiful!

  9. I loved True Blood & the characters Bill & Sookie. After reading the first book by Charlaine Harris I was hooked on the books & then when the series debuted I was hooked on it. Stephen & Anna were perfect in their roles as Bill & Sookie.

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