Devil’s Knot wraps it up in Cartersville

Yesterday was the last day of shooting for Devil’s Knot inside the Cartersville courthouse and the actors took the time to sign autographs and take pics with the fans that were waiting outside on the street.

Filming will continue in Louisiana and Los Angeles.

Stephen Moyer will be in San Diego Saturday for the True Blood Comic Con panel.

Credit: @aleighbeard


Credit: @lacieelu


Credit: @alliebabeey23


And a sighting at the hotel.

Credit: @econogeek




  1. Thanks so much for posting, and thanks to all who made the photos available to us! 
    Great to see Ms. Witherspoon and Mr. Firth too.
    My fave of Stephen is that close up of him facing the camera.  But I love them all.
    Thanks again –  looking forward to seeing more from ComicCon too!

  2. Thanks, Shad, for keeping us up to date with filming progress.  Great pix of the actors with some very happy and lucky fans.  Thanks to all for the sharing.  I’m looking forward to Stephen’s appearance at Comic Con.

  3. Wow! I’m SO jealous. I live in Acworth…. and I can’t run into Stephen?!?! Biggest TB there is and I get stiffed every time. #bitter :( Love you Stephen!

  4. I was lucky enough to meet Stephen while he was here in Cartersville. Wish I had gotten a pic with him but I did get an autograph and shook his hand. He is very nice and oh so good looking. I can’t believe I got to meet him in my own home town.

    1.  @DawnMorse
       Wonderful, Dawn!  I am envious.  What a real treat to actually meet him in person – good for you!

    2.  @DawnMorse Thanks. It was a complete  surprise. Went with friends to Jefferson’s to play trivia(for the 1st time in ages) and when we were almost done these 4 people came in and my friend comented that they must be from the movie and when I looked up there was Stephen! I got so flustered and excited. I didn’t know he was in it just knew about Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. This was way better! I got up my nerve and asked for an autograph and shook his hand. He was just charming. My friend got a couple of pics with her phone but I should have asked for one with him, I think he would have said sure but I hated to bother him while he was having a bite(ha ha)  sorry I couldn’t resist. Kinda funny Jefferson’s is kinda like Merlottes so it was a bit surreal, kinda had a True Blood moment! I am so glad I found this site, none of my friends like him as much as I do so I havent’ had anyone who got how cool it was to share this with.

      1.  @DawnMorse
         Well, obviously you’re the one of your friends with the best taste in hot men!
        Sounds like a great experience!  BTW, this is a great site for Stephen Moyer lovers.

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