Desperately Seeking Stephen Moyer

Saying that Stephen Moyer can be found in the woods north of Toronto is like saying he can be found in a yellow cab in New York City, a sidewalk café in Paris or on a double-decker bus in London. Really?

Desperately Seeking Stephen Moyer

By Bills4me, Typeoneg and Karen

From the moment it was announced that Stephen was going to be in Toronto to shoot the feature film, “The Barrens,” the pressure was on. Since this is my hometown, I was told, OMG! You have to find him!

Ok, but Toronto is a BIG city and we don’t want to talk about how many clumps of trees surround it. Also, celebrity stalking is just not what I do – or least that’s what I thought. I needed a wingman at least. So I asked who was up to help me in the search for Stephen. Two brave souls stepped forward, Karen from the suburbs of Toronto and Typeoneg from Michigan. Excellent. We decided we would have a Billsbabe gathering the week of October 17 and set out a plan to find the beloved alter ego of Vampire Bill.

Meanwhile, the global community of Billsbabes rallied. Tweets were posted, locations where cited. It was Krissyma in Germany who broke the news that they were filming in Rockwood, Ontario, about an hour from Toronto. Shadaliza was asking why we couldn’t just go out there and scout it out. Be damned the job and the family, we needed to get to Rockwood!


So, after the second week of filming, Karen and I took up the charge, left work early and found the set. We entered a forest being misted with fog. “Come on though, it’s only movie stuff”, we were told. (After a later investigation, we learned that the direction was coming from the Director of the film, Darren Lynn Bousman.) We were allowed to stay and watch the filming provided we took no photographs. Awesome! With our hearts in our throats, we scanned the set for Steve. He was nowhere to be found. I finally asked the script consultant if he was on set. No, he had left work early for the long weekend just as we had done. Major disappointment number one. You may have read about this one already on

Our next hope was to wait for Typeoneg to cross the border and bring us some luck. We agreed that we would spend Tuesday evening together scouring the downtown neighborhood where Steve was regularly spotted. Then on Wednesday, we would head back to Rockwood. But once Typeoneg arrived, we were too excited to wait and the weather forecast for Wednesday was dreadful. (We could write a whole chapter about how horrible the weather has been on this production and how the sun shone brightly only when Stephen had left town, but I regress).

Karen and I arrange to take the afternoon off work on Tuesday to lunch with Typeoneg and put our plan into action. We decided that since it’s not raining, we should go to Rockwood. Ahhh, but Lynnpd had posted a tweet from one of the co-stars that said they have changed location and will be in the haunted forest. There we go with the trees again. Where the heck could that be?

As part of my own sleuthing, I had found a production roster for The Barrens that listed the production company name, address, and telephone number. Hmmm. Telephone number. I worked up the courage to call. A gruff voice answered the phone, “Production.” I said, “Hey, are you guys still shooting in Rockwood today?” He says, “No, we’ve wrapped in Rockwood and we’re in location X”. Jackpot! We are golden. We jump in the car and headed up the highway to a large conservation area north of the city, where, of course, there are a lot of trees.

The excitement was palatable in the car. Adding to it was the encouraging words being sent our way from Billsbabes the world over.

We reached our destination and found the tell-tale orange pylons that mark filming locations. There were a couple of different set areas marked set 1, set 2. Where to go? There seems to be more action in set 2, so the three of us strike out with backpacks, cameras, and stuff for Steve to autograph. After about a ten minute walk, we are deep in the woods. Then we hear voices and spot an old dude. Schneider is a craggy character with a braided grey beard. He is directing traffic, camera equipment, etc. We say hello and ask straight away if Stephen is on the set. “Who’s asking?” he says. “We’re just fans and want to say, “Hello.” We don’t want to be in the way or cause any fuss, we’d just like to say hi to Stephen.” He is clearly not happy. He mutters into his microphone that he has “a situation”. Really? After being told that there was no way, no how to go any further down the path, Schneider suggests we find Danielle (whose name was actually Diane). She is the person in charge of the talent. Go back to Base Camp and ask for Danielle. That we did.

Danielle aka Diane is a friendly young twenty-something who clearly doesn’t know what to make of the three mature women looking for Stephen Moyer. She warns that the production companies don’t take kindly to fans interfering with the cast, but says she’ll leave us be. She also shares the fact that they are only doing day scenes and will wrap with the sunset. That means we only need to sit and wait for the sun to go down and we can greet Steve when he returns to his trailer. We go and sit in the car and mind our own business – which includes updating Billsbabes on the board. Diane then brings along Christy who is the Assistant to the Director. She is a bubbly young woman who is also an actress. We take her picture because we know she’ll be famous someday. She says she’ll tell Steve that we’re here. Then, we sit in the car and wait some more.

Along comes Keith. He approaches the car and I open the door. He hands me his business card and explains that as the production company that has rented the park, the space is no longer public and they must guarantee the cast the security of knowing that they will not be accosted by fans when they return to their trailer. Keith delivers the news as sweetly as possible. He says we have to get off the property, but tells us that all the cars will be leaving through a specific gate that leads to the highway and if we want to try and catch Steve’s attention offsite, that’s the place to be. He ended with what sounded like a sincere, “I’m sorry ladies.”

Off to the gate we go. It’s starting to get dark. We park the car parallel to the gate so we can see cars approach and get a view of who is inside. Our American Babe decides we need to write a sign in order to get Steve’s attention. She finds a piece of cardboard that’s not large, but it will do. After much deliberation, we decide a simple message is best. She grabs the sharpie and writes “Steve”. Typeoneg then proceeds to exit the car and sit atop the gate to the park holding her Steve sign and lighting it with a flashlight.

Desperately Seeking Stephen Moyer

Many cars and trucks go by and we got a mixture of amused smiles and stares – plus a glare from Schneider. A particularly friendly fellow stopped to see what we were doing and assured us that Stephen is a really nice guy and he will stop if he can see your sign clearly. He says Steve should be along in about 15 minutes. In the meantime, we learned that Shadaliza had sent an email to Stephen telling him that we were out there waiting for him. The excitement mounts.

A lady in a car goes by slowly, smiles and taps on her horn. Many more cars and trucks go by including a white van that we can’t see into. After another hour and a half, the traffic out of the park dwindles and then stops completely. That sinking feeling hits and we have to admit that we’ve missed him again; another mission failure. We are sad and hungry and we have to pee really badly.

The car is decidedly quieter on the way home. We have some discussion of what could have been or what we should have done differently and who might have ratted us out. (Definitely someone under 30!) Then the car starts to vibrate and we hear a disturbing thudding sound. Oh my word, it can’t be. We have a flat tire. We are on a busy highway and pull to the shoulder. The car is brand new and came with roadside assistance. We call. The tow truck people call us back. It will be forty minutes for the truck to arrive. Yeah, let’s sit in the car and wait some more!

We finally get the tire changed. We go to a restaurant for much-needed dinner and drinks. We decide that our hunt is over. We can’t take the disappointment anymore. The only way we’d ever do anything is if we got an email from Stephen saying he’d meet us somewhere. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

I get home. Tell the hubby about the flat tire. Confess that I’ve been stalking Stephen Moyer all day and check back on the board. What do I find but the note from Lynn saying that Steve feels horrible about missing us and wants to meet us at the gate to the park when he arrives for work in the morning.

Just goes to prove that it’s who you know, not what you know.

The next morning we drive up without incident. The rain has held off. We get to the gate. We wait for a brief time. A van pulls up and who is peaking out the window but Stephen Moyer himself.

He climbs out of the vehicle announcing, “Hi, I’m Steve”; a master of the obvious. He hugged each one of us. Yes, ladies, he HUGGED each one of us! Yes, Parise, he smells good.

He apologizes for missing us the day before. He knew about the troubles we’d encountered. “Heard you had a puncture”, he says. Yep, the flat tire. He said they were very close to finishing the film. Today they were doing press; we’d seen the Global/E.T. Canada van drive by a few minutes before Steve showed up.

He is the most gracious and warm and huggable and delicious man we’ve ever stalked. Oops, did we say that out loud? He missed us at Rockwood and we forgive him because he spent the weekend in London with his son, Billy.

We tried to fulfill all of our fellow Billbabes requests – including smelling the man – and had Steve says hello to you all in the video below. We made sure he knew that all of you around the world were with us during our stakeout, our ups and downs, and in spirit, during the meeting itself. He still is amazed by our global community of Billsbabes and is especially grateful for the financial support we have given his dear mate Bertie and James.

Thank you to all who supported us with words of encouragement, crossing all body parts, and sending positive vibes our way in our darkest hours – and it was literally pitch black. But from our darkest hours came the new dawn and a wonderful visit with the man himself.

We love you all – and Steve does, too.

In the video below, which were taken on an iPhone, hence the orientation, Stephen gives a special “thank you and Hello” to all the Billsbabes. He also shares that he’s a bit worried about his mate, Bertie.

In the next video, we continue the visit with Stephen Moyer where he signs artwork by Anima Eterna (which was auctioned off for Billsbabes Day) and hears how all over the world his fans were following this adventure. After signing, he comments on how young he looks in the portrait.



  1. Wonderful story girls! What an adventure! I am so happy it all worked out in the end, it truly was a global effort to get you all in the same place at the same time. Proud to be a Billsbabe! Love the shoutout.

  2. He is incredible! I almost cry now …
    You girls, you are worthy representatives of all Bill babes around the world … And I’m so glad that Stephen signed Aliatz drawing of Bill …
    Well done Bill babes from Canada!

  3. Thanks so much for this story, pics and for providing them. I’m so happy finally the three Billsbabes were able to meet Stephen. What a man!

    Thank you STEPHEN MOYER for being always so kind and friendly to your fans!
    I’m proud to be a BILLSBABE!


    From the mad Aussie that sat up until 5.30am waiting with heart pumping & nerves jangling, hoping like hell that you all would have your dreams come true.

    So happy for you all that I’m crying!

    The brilliant job you have done with your sleuthing has paid off –
    thanks to you all for your tenacity, endurance and patience and for the roller coaster ride of emotions.

    Thanks also to Shad & Lynn for their help making this possible.

    And thanks to that charming and endearing man for sharing his time with you and with all of us around the world.

    Can’t help but think that a lot of the character traits of Bill that we all admire so much come the man portraying him!

    Love you all and thanks again.

  5. I can’t thank Shad and Lynn enough for arranging our rendezvous with Stephen. He was so sweet to us and is clearly very appreciative of his fans. Sweet, sweet man.

  6. Great story – you really are devoted to whatever task you set your minds to, ehi? I’m a fan (not a Billsbabe (yet)) from Austria and I’m very grateful for your work on your website. Stephen’s quotation of “embrace your fears” in his biography helped me a lot, as right now I’m suffering from a burnout situation. I used to own/head a PR-Agency and I’m just coming back on track – with the help of Stephen’s and your inspiring tenacity in achieving your goals. Thank you, Ladies!
    Elisabeth Schabus (find me on facebook)

  7. What an adventure! Well done girls :)
    Thank you for sharing this amazing story and let me just add that Stephen is adorable ^^

  8. FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing your odyssey with all of us. Well done, ladies. You never gave up, overcame hardships, and everything worked out. I so appreciate the photos and videos and your excellent commentary. The Billsbabes were cheering you on from all over the world. Thanks to Shad and Lynn for their assistance.

    Mission gloriously accomplished! And my, Stephen looks so very fine.

    1. Sorry but we were asked by production not to reveal the location of the set. The 3 ladies who met Stephen were asked to leave the set and wait at the gate. These are the last days of the shoot and they would prefer not to have fans around.

  9. So happy for you babes that got to meet Stephen. He is so gracious and charming. Thanks for sharing your adventures with your fellow billsbabes!

  10. Wonderful, Wonderful How very exciting for you, I have so enjoyed this and our Lovely BG he is such a sweetheart, so very engaging and so NICE on the eyes. So Happy you were able to SPEAK at all.

  11. You did the Billsbabes proud ladies. Wonderful story. It only shows that perseverance rules the day and you guys sure did persevere.

  12. The Canadian Mounties have nothing on you 3 BillsBabes. LOL This search is going into the BillsBabes Annuals. What a great story.
    Thanks for taking us along for the ride, bumpy as it was.

    Stephen this in part of why we love you. You are so gracious to your fans and do not take us for granted. Thanks for being so sweet to our sister babes. BTW you look delicious. :p

  13. I can’t wipe the smile off my face! LOL! This was such a wonderful adventure and I’m glad I was one of many who followed your progress on the board and kept hoping that it ended in success. CONGRATS!!! You ladies rock!!

    Lynn & Shad….angels. <3

    And Stephen Moyer….if you see this….YOU ARE AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, and WONDERFUL!!! This is why your fans are devoted. You show respect and caring for them (us). That shows what a real man and caring human being you are. I'm proud to be a fan and admirer. :) Oh and might I say what a handsome man you are as well. ;D

  14. Bills4me, Typeoneg and Karen what an adventure and I take my billsbabe cap off to you all for your dedication and don’t give up attitude (having to pee would get me LOL). What a great ending with great hugs, photos, videos and much more from Stephen (during the tale I was so worried I scrolled down to see the 3 pictures and was so relieved). All the extra worldwide support from the Babes just made it that much more special I’m sure.

  15. Bills4me, TypeO, and Karen, I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am for you right now. It was so much fun to read the daily messages at the forum on your progress on your little trek. And to see and read about your success is just icing on the cake. Big congrats on meeting Steve! You Babes rock. And you did us fellow Babes proud!! Steve is like the most gracious guy ever for taking the time to come and chat with you.

    Again congrats. Couldn’t have happen to a better bunch of gals!

  16. wow stephen, you are looking ever such a tiny bit grizzled in that vid. love it!

    i know that you ladies are still levitating about your encounter. who wouldn’t be?

  17. Wow, what an adventure! And one with an epic payoff in meeting the Steve. How cute that he introduced himself when you met – like you didn’t know! LOL

    Love the pics and vids and the story. I wish you hadn’t faced so many problems, but it probably made the end result even sweeter (and more handsome, if possible).

  18. My hat is off to you gals! What a trip! What a myriad of mini-disasters! What disappointment! And, at last, what triumph!

    You showed real tenacity and spunk and fortitude, and, with Lynn and Shad’s help, it paid off. Congratulations on a journey well taken, and an outcome that you so richly deserved!

    Stephen once again demonstrated his generous, chivalrous, and caring nature, which is why we love him so. You all did a wonderful job with the cell phone camera and the conversation. And hugs too – so cool!

  19. To reiterate what deepppurple said, if you read this, Steve, your respect and consideration you’ve shown for your fans are the true reasons behind our devotion. It seems that you’ve never forgotten that every actor needs and depends on their audience. And we can’t wait to share in every performance.

  20. What a lovely tale! I love a happy ending. Thanks to the 3 babes for persevering, thanks to the fairy godmothers for their help and to prince charming for being his wonderful self.
    Great pictures too!

  21. I’m in SHOCK. The video of Stephen signing my portrait makes me crazy… I have no words, I’m speechless and I’m very excited…

    Many thanks for share with us this wonderful adventure.


  22. Stephen was in awe of your art work. I didn’t catch the beginning on video, but he was impressed that typeo had the original work and he was totally impressed with it.

  23. You guys are awesome! ( and so was Stephen!) Thank you for sharing your incredible adventure! I enjoyed reading every bit of it.

  24. When Season 4 ended, I immediately went into that depressed state of what am I going to do for the next nine months! But you ladies had me sitting on pins and needles. It was just as good as a TB cliffhanger. Would he show up this time? I could hardly stand it. Dynamite ending!!

  25. One of the delightful women is my neigbhor here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Last night she told me this story and I was so intrigued by it all. I have never once watched anything Mr. Moyer has been in but I appreciate his kidness towards my neighbor’s extraordinary efforts. Now I will definitely watch The Barrens. I have passed this story and pictures on to many of my friends. Stay kind and humble Mr. Moyer – you have more of the world watching you now because of this kind/humble act.

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