Denis O’Hare interviewed about The Parting Glass and other projects

News about the new CASM project, The Parting Glass by Denis O’Hare. See below:

Denis O’Hare stopped by New York LIVE today to talk about the current season of “American Horror Story: Roanoke,” his favorite “AHS” character, the character of Russell on True Blood and The Parting Glass.

He also mentions reuniting with his “True Blood” co-stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin for the new film project THE PARTING GLASS which is says is very close to his heart. He confirms that Stephen will Direct and Produce along with Anna who also plays one of his sisters in the film. Also in the film will be Cynthia Nixon and Amy Ryan. The film is the second film by CASM.

parting glass



If you have trouble watching the video go to the New York LIVE website to watch it here:


  1. Sadly, the video will not play for me. The circle keeps going round and round. I’ll try again. Happy to get more information on the film. I hope I can eventually hear Denis’s interview.

  2. Great interview! Denis O’Hare is always a great interview. He’s so happy and excited to talk about his projects, and he’s completely genuine and down-to-earth. I loved his description of Russell on TB as a “happy vampire”. Also loved him mentioning Stephen Moyer is a great director. Cannot wait for this film!

  3. Thanks so much for the New York NBC link. I just watched the interview. I always enjoy hearing from him. He is absolutely charming and so well spoken. He’s had some amazing roles on AHS. Of course, my favorite Denis character will always be Russell Edgington. I’m delighted he is working with Stephen and Anna on “The Parting Glass.” I hope this one comes my way. Thanks, Lynn, for providing all this wonderful information on the O’Hare-Moyer-Pacquin collaboration, and on Denis’ AHS roles.

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