Delta Rae Music CD “Carry the Fire” Giveaway Contest

The Delta Rae Music CD “Carry the Fire” Giveaway Contest is now open.

Back in early May, a single called “Bottom Of The River,” by the group Delta Rae was featured in a True Blood Promo and our latest giveaway features a prize of winning their CD.

I’ve listened to it and can tell you its awesome music!

To start your participation in the Giveaway, first listen to and watch Delta Rae’s official music video, as it is featured on their debut album, “Carry The Fire” which is now available at iTunes, to hear the original song “Bottom of the River” and be sure to watch what takes place.

Delta Rae’s Official Music Video of “Bottom of the River”

And now, listen to how their music was used in the True Blood trailer:



In collaboration with Delta Rae, we are offering you a chance to win a copy of the debut CD from Delta Rae. And, it’s easy, all you have to do is answer a two-part question.

The TWO PART question is:

  1. What powers do you think the singer in the first Delta Rae video has that enabled her to get away from her captives?
  2. Do you think the song was a good choice for True Blood and why?

Post your answer in the comments under this post.

How To Enter the Giveaway

Timeframe: Friday, June 7 to Tuesday, June 11 (Pacific Time) 12 noon.
Prize: Delta Rae’s Debut CD, “Carry the Fire” unopened and brand new.
Two Part Question:What powers do you think the singer in the first Delta Rae video has that enabled her to get away from her captives? and Do you think the song was a good choice for True Blood and why?
Answers: Post your answer in the comments below BEFORE 12 noon (Pacific time) on June 11; after this time comments will be closed on this post.
Announcement of the winner: Shadaliza and Lynnpd will review all the comments and pick out those who have given the correct answers. Then, we will put the names in a hat and pick one person, at random, from the correct answers.
Notification: We will notify the winner via email, so be sure to leave a your email address, and then the band management will mail you your prize. We will also post the information here on The Vault with the results, so you’ll know if you guessed correctly or not.
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  1. 1) What first came to thought was witch trials – people with torches barging into your house and taking you by force away.  My guess is she is a witch that casts a spell on these people, who because of their religious beliefs, vivify her.
    2) This song was a good choice for TB.  It has an mysterious, evil/evil spirit feel with religious undertones.  Is Billith going to be evil or does he think he’s god? Or will  Warlow or the Governor be the evil ones?  The song is The Bottom of the River –  We have seen previews of Lafayette plunging Sookie into a river – is he baptizing her to “save her” or drowning her as he sees her as evil according to his religious upbringing. Is it Sookie or Lafayette who is evil?  Water washes everything away and makes clean. So hard to tell who is really evil.

  2. 1. I believe that this woman is being taken away to be drowned in the river by God-fearing Christians because she is known to be an evil Voodoo Priestess.  She uses her Voodoo powers to escape from her captives.
    2.  This song is excellent for True Blood as there is a theme of  “cleansing” in Season 6.  The humans wage war on the vampires and I believe on all of the Supernatural beings, such as the shape-shifters, the werewolves, the Fae, etc.  Sarah Newlin is carrying on her work with the Fellowship of the Sun and professing that it is “God’s Way” to rid the world of the vampires.  We see at the end of the Season 6 trailer that Lafayette is attempting to either Baptize or drown Sookie perhaps for being an unholy supernatural being, thereby cleansing the world of her evil.   Bottom of the River has a Southern Baptist-type of tempo that is perfect for the show’s locale, Bon Temps, Louisiana.  The woman (singer) in the Bottom of the River video is afraid of being put under the water and drowned.

  3. I think the singer has magic [witch], wich enabled her to get away from her captives.
    The song was a good choice because it had a good rhythm, she has a powerfull voice and gives a sense of mystique.

  4. 1. I believe she is a vampire who sucks them all dry.
    2. Delta Rae’s music is bold and powerful with just a hint of religious undertones, which leaves the listener viewing the war between good and evil making it an excellent choice for true blood season 6 and the battles they face.

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