Deborah Ann Woll Thinks Stephen Moyer Best Dressed British Man

True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll, met with at London’s Soho Hotel at the time that Season 4 was being released in the UK. In this just-released interview, Deborah is asked a lot of questions about True Blood, but also about her own likes and dislikes including online dating, meeting rabid fans and what it’s like to be Jessica.

She was asked who was her “Best Dressed British Man” and she immediately answered that Stephen Moyer.

Deborah Ann Woll
Well, who else would she say, he’s a great dresser, cute as can be AND he’s her maker!  Ha! Ha!



  1. Such a nice, civilized interview.  I only wish it didn’t ‘buffer’ so much – it took over a half hour to watch!  Deborah is a lovely young lady, and she was so candid with her answers.  You can tell she appreciates Stephen’s style, and how it fits his “jolly” personality.  So cute!

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