Deborah Ann Woll on Jessica and Bill – ‘he’s really alone now’

Deborah Ann Woll talks about the relationship between Jessica and Bill in an interview. One of the best things about True Blood vs. the books are the new characters that Alan Ball and his writing staff have created. And, perhaps the best example of this, is the baby vampire, Jessica. We first met the character of Jessica in Season 1 when Bill Compton was forced to turn her as punishment for having killed another vampire.

Deborah Ann Woll was cast in the part and has fulfilled the part amazingly well.  So much so that she is now one of the more popular members of the cast.

Jessica’s relationship is growing with Bill this season, her relationship with Hoyt is about to fall apart and the possible triangle created with what might happen between her and Jason Stackhouse has made for good viewing.

Below is the part of an interview with New York Magazine’s Vulture section where Deborah Ann talks about her relationship with her maker, Bill Compton.

Question: Part of being a vampire is being loyal to your maker. How would you defend your character’s maker, Bill Compton, who’s become a jerky politician?
DAW: He’s under incredible pressure. And he has some incredibly powerful people making decisions for him. I think Bill is as disappointed with that as we are. Bill is really alone now. He doesn’t have a family except Jess, and I think it’s really wonderful that this season they get to [bond] quite a bit. Because things aren’t going so great with [her human boyfriend] Hoyt, [Bill] is all that she has.

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  1. A wonderful interview with Deborah Ann. I’m looking forward to more Jessica-Bill bonding, and the Jason-Jessica-Hoyt triangle. Very curious to see where that goes. Blood tears … blood to taste … appreciate Deborah Ann’s explanation of how all that works.

    BTW, Bill is not a jerky politician. As King of Louisiana, he is doing the best that he can. Let’s face it … it ain’t easy being king. I’m glad his progeny, sweet Jessica, will be there for him.

  2. DAW is totally still my girl crush! So beautiful, so talented, and she and Steve have some of the best chemistry on the show. Love Bill and Jess together, and I look forward to seeing them bonding and growing.

  3. While, I’m annoyed at seeing Bill as a jerky politician (he is not), I loved Deb’s response. Jessica will always be there for Bill, and he for her. I love their scene’s together, and can’t wait to see more.

  4. I am forever amazed at how differently viewers see characters and interpret storylines! Bill is managing his difficult position so well. Jessica and Bill share that special relationship that is like no other. They are wonderful together, and I look forward to many rewarding scenes highlighting their unique bond.

  5. I agree that Bill is “not a jerky politician”. He is trying to the best with what he has. I am also enjoying the father/daughter bond that is being formed or allowed to grow between Bill and Jessica. Can’t wait for Season 5.

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