Darren Bousman says The Barrens is about Stephen Moyer’s character’s decent into madness

The director of The Barrens, Darren Lynn Bousman, revealed a little bit about his Jersey Devil to iamrogue.com.

Is your new movie, The Barrens, going to be a monster flick in which we will actually get to see a monster?

Bousman: I’m excited for The Barrens and yes and no. Yes it is a monster flick and yes you do get to see the monster, but it’s more like The Shining than anything else. I wanted to make a monster movie where the monster was secondary to the human drama that was going on it. Yes, you absolutely see the monster in it but it’s more about Stephen Moyer’s character’s decent into madness.

Is that monster going to be CGI or practical or a mix?

Bousman: All Practical. The coolest experience in moviemaking is when the things are right there. When you go back and look at movies like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, it’s so much more magical than when you see Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, I enjoyed the films a lot but when you’re seeing the massive CG things and the majority of the fantasy movies now are CG, there’s just something that’s not as real as when you’re sitting there looking at the Dark Crystal and you’re seeing these weird, crazy puppet creatures. So I wanted to have a realistic monster that the actors could actually act off of. So whenever you see the monster with Stephen Moyer or anyone else, it’s really them.


  1. Having read this I’m even more intrigued by The Barrens.  Hoping for a wide release … please!
    Thanks, Shad, for providing.

  2. This interview gives me faith ‘The Barrens’ will not be a too gory slasher movie *hope* and please let it be released near me! 

  3. It sounds like this is Stephen’s film!  It’s about his character’s descent into madness.  Oh wow!
    Stephen will rock!  I am anxious to see this.  Any word on a release date?

  4. With horror films, I’ve always felt that not seeing too much of the monster made the film all the more scary. Leaves more to the imagination than anything.
    I’m pumped to see this movie.

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